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WhatsApp launches self-destructing voice messages to Android and iOS

WhatsApp is officially giving users the ability to send temporary voice messages to their contacts.

We say “official” because this feature has been around for about two months, although it was in a beta state. People in the beta program were the only ones who had access at the time. Don't worry about feeling like you've missed anything, because the View Once messages, as they're called, function exactly the same as before. Meta made no changes with the official edition.

You start by pressing and holding the capture button and then swiping up to lock it. Recordings must be locked first before the View Once icon (the number one in the circle) appears in the bottom right corner. Tap it once to activate it and a timer will be added to the message. Hit Send and you're done

WhatsApp's new View Once voice messages

(Image credit: Future)

A few limitations