What time does Modern Warfare 3 season 4 release?

Season 4 by Modern Warfare 3 And War zone will be released on May 29 and marks the next major update for Activision’s hugely popular shooter.

As always, a new season means new maps, modes, weapons and other additions. While last season saw crossovers with Snoop Dogg, Cheech & Chong and Godzilla, season 4 seems to be a bit more normal – ah, wait, there’s a Gundam crossover.

Here is when Modern Warfare 3 season 4 starts in your time zoneplus an overview of the biggest changes you can expect.

MW3 Season 4 Release Time: When Will The New MW3 Season Launch?

Modern Warfare 3 season 4 and War zone season 4 is launched Wednesday May 29, simultaneously in all regions of the world. This is when the release will take place in your time zone:

  • 9am PDT off the west coast of North America
  • 12pm EDT off the east coast of North America
  • 5pm BST for Great Britain
  • 6:00 PM CEST for Western Europe / Paris
  • 1 hour JST on May 30 for Tokyo

Based on previous seasons, you can expect the update to roll out on Tuesday approximately 24 hours before the times mentioned above.

What’s new in MW3 season 4?

Image: Sledgehammer Games/Activision

As usual, Modern Warfare 3 will be adding a ton of new content at the start of Season 4, with more planned for a mid-season update. You can see the entire list of additions summarized in the image above (or written in detail on the website). Activision Blog), but we’ve listed the highlights below.

MW3 season 4 new maps, modes and weapons

Call of Duty soldiers stand around a square in Tokyo in major artwork for MW3 season 4.

Image: Sledgehammer Games/Activision

  • Modern Warfare 3 will receive two new weapons at the launch of Season 4: the Superi46 SMG and the Kar98k sniper rifle with bolt action.
  • Medium core maps based on Paris And Tokyo will join the list of levels Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer. Meanwhile in War zoneexpect four variations on the gulag in Urzikstanbut no other major map changes (“yet,” Activision noted ominously in its blog post).
  • The tactical Demolition mode and the Hyper kinked Twist on Team Deathmatch will be available at the launch of Season 4 Modern Warfare 3 multiple players. War zone will see the return of Buy back Royale Solos in Urzikstan, where you don’t come to life via the gulag, but can burn your in-game money to get back into the fight.
  • Finally, five Operators will be part of Season 4 from launch: Johnny ‘Soap’ McTavish, Hammer, Emptiness, DupeAnd To copy.

MW3 season 4 midseason maps, modes and weapons

A Call of Duty soldier holds a shotgun in the key art for MW3 season 4.

Image: Sledgehammer Games/Activision

  • Two new weapons are added Modern Warfare 3 at the midseason update: the Reclaimer 18 shotgun and a sledgehammer sidearm.
  • The new maps for Season 4 in the midseason update are Slopea research base on a snowy mountain, and Das Grossa horror-themed variation on the Das Haus map from previous Calls of Duty.
  • Havoc returns to Call of Duty halfway through Modern Warfare 3 season 4, for the first time since the old one Modern Warfare 2 days (2022, i.e. one hundred years ago).

MW3 Season 4 Gundam Skins

It can’t be new Modern Warfare 3 season without anything blatantly ridiculous. This time it’s Gundam. Activision said three bundles – which you can see in the gallery above – will be available in the in-game store throughout Season 4 on as-yet-unspecified dates, in addition to a Gundam-themed event where your progress increases as you equip a of the three skins.