What time does Helldivers 2’s Democratic Detonation Warbond appear?

Democratic explosion is the second Premium War League touch Helldivers 2 after the release, after the electric Pioneering war bond back in March.

Democratic Detonation gives you some new cosmetics to equip your character and – most importantly – gives you access to some new weapons that you can use in the battle to save Super Earth. If you’re looking for new Stratagems, you won’t find them here.

In this Helldivers 2 guide, we will show you when you can pick it up Democratic Detonation War Leaguehow much it costs and what is involved.

Democratic Detonation Warbond release time: when is the new one coming Helldivers 2 launch update?

Image: Arrowhead Game Studios/Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Democratic Detonation War League for Helldivers 2 will start Thursday April 11. And while PlayStation Studios and Arrowhead Games haven’t announced an official time for the new update yet, we can make some good guesses based on previous releases.

Helldivers 2 itself launched at 4 a.m. EST on February 8, and most patches seem to arrive within two or three hours of that same window. Cutting Edge, the previous Warbond, was released around 6:30 AM EST. Assuming Democratic Detonation Warbond releases around Arrowhead Games’ usual update time, here’s a three-hour window in which you can expect it to release in your time zone:

  • Between 2am and 5am PDT off the west coast of North America
  • Between 5am and 8am EDT off the east coast of North America
  • Between 9am and 12pm GMT for Great Britain
  • Between 10am and 1pm CET for Western Europe / Paris
  • Between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM JST for Tokyo

We will update this post if Arrowhead Games announces an official time for the release of the Warbond.

How much does the Democratic Detonation Warbond cost? Helldivers 2?

A Helldiver wields an explosive crossbow bolt in Helldivers 2

Image: Arrowhead Game Studios/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Arrowhead Games and Sony have not specifically announced how much the new Warbond will cost. The other two premium war bonds – Steeled veterans And On the edge – both ran players 1,000 Supercredits (or $9.99).

Both other Premium Warbonds offered four new weapons – the same number as Democratic Detonation – and a new grenade type, so it looks like 1,000 Super Credits is the going rate for Warbonds in Helldivers 2.

Please note that War Bonds do not automatically provide rewards. Like a Battle Pass track in Fortnite or Lot 2, you pay for the right to unlock items from the Warbond as you play, earn medals, and buy the new goodies you want most. If you play long enough, you can eventually unlock everything in Democratic Detonation Warbond. And, unlike season passes in some other live service competitions, War bonds never go away Helldivers 2.

What’s new in the Democratic Detonation Warbond for Helldivers 2?

The Democratic Detonation Warbond comes with four new weapons, three capes, three armor sets, a new grenade, and a variety of other goodies like player cards and emotes. Let’s break it down.

  • The BR-14 Jury Rifle is a rapid-fire sniper rifle. While it doesn’t necessarily fit the explosive theme of the Warbond, it is capable of penetrating armor.
  • The R-36 Eruptor rifle is a hybrid weapon, a bolt action rifle with a sniper-like sight on it. The catch is that instead of shooting large sniper bullets, he fires exploding grenades.
  • The CB-9 exploding crossbow is exactly what it sounds like. This is a crossbow that shoots explosives instead of standard bolts.
  • The GP-31 grenade pistol is a stranger. It’s shaped like a gun and it looks like a gun, but instead it shoots grenades. While this sounds and looks great, there is a small catch: you have to reload after every shot.

The three armor sets are the CE-07 Demolition specialist (light)the CE-27 earth leakage circuit breaker (medium)and the FS-55 Devastator (heavy). The grenade is an incendiary sticky grenade called the G-123 Thermite Grenade.

This Warbond seems especially good for dealing with Terminids (the bugs), while the last bond focused on the Automatons.