What is the Destiny 2 raid and dungeon rotation this week?

Learning the raid and dungeon rotation in Lot 2 is great for farming loot you don’t have yet, and for increasing your strength Lot 2. But Bungie doesn’t do a great job of showing which raid and dungeon are currently featured in a given week.

In this Lot 2 rotation guide, I’ll tell you why featured raids and dungeons are important, and give you a calendar showing what endgame activity is on offer this week.

Destiny 2 raid rotation this week

Image: Bungie

There is only one featured raid per week, and Bungie typically announces it in-game the week before. However, through data mining, I can give you the full raid rotation from now until The final shape expansion launches on June 4. The following updates on the weekly reset time.

  • April 30 – Garden of Salvation, located on the moon
  • May 7 – Deep Stone Crypt, located on Europa
  • May 14 – Vault of Glass, found in the Legends menu
  • May 21 – Vow of the Disciple, located in Savathun’s Throne World
  • May 28 – King’s Fall, found in the Legends menu

Destiny 2 dungeon rotation this week

Guardians face off against a large Ogre in Destiny 2's Warlord's of Ruin dungeon

Image: Bungie

There is only one featured dungeon per week, and Bungie typically announced it in the game the week before. However, through data mining, I can give you the full dungeon rotation from now until the launch of The Final Shape on June 4th. The following updates on the weekly reset time.

What does it mean when a raid and a dungeon appear?

Six Guardians take on Oryx in Destiny 2

Image: Bungie

Lot 2 has a range of activity types that rotate each week, but the most consistent are the endgame activities: raids And dungeons. If you’re new to Destiny, raids are six-player activities that are widely considered to be the most difficult content in the game. Dungeons resemble smaller, simpler raids, requiring only three Guardians to complete (and, with practice, can even be completed solo).

If a raid or dungeon appears, you’ll get one Top power a piece of loot when you complete the activity, and you can complete encounters over and over again for a chance to win loot. This means that when, for example, the Last Wish raid happens, you can dive in and complete each encounter multiple times to unlock a weapon pattern you’ve been craving. This is a big change from normal raids, where you typically only get loot once a week.

It’s worth noting here the most recent raid and dungeon added to the game can never be displayedalthough they offer top gear every week.

The most recent raid on Lot 2 is Crota’s endadded in Season of the Witch and the most recent dungeon is The warlord’s ruinsadded in Season of the Wish.

This means that from June 11th, the Crota’s End raid should enter the rotation, such as The final shape raid will then be the last. I’ll update this guide with the new dungeon and raid rotation next The final shape will be released on June 4.