West Ham is set to PLAY its third TST game today despite racism incident on Thursday

West Ham are playing their third TST game today, despite being sent off in the second game after the Dallas rivals started saying ‘n-word’ to Frank Nouble’

  • West Ham’s 7-v-7 match vs. Dallas United on Thursday night was discontinued
  • The game was part of The Soccer Tournament hosted in Cary, North Carolina
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A seven-a-side team representing West Ham in North Carolina will play on Friday after an alleged intent to use a racial slur led it to walk off the field the day before, Mail Sport understands.

The side, featuring ex-West Ham players Anton Ferdinand and Carlton Cole, were playing Dallas United in The Soccer Tournament on Thursday evening when the accusation was made.

It is clear that an opponent started using the n-word on Frank Nouble. Dallas has since retired from the competition.

West Ham players met with the tournament’s executive team shortly after their match was abandoned on Thursday night, Mail Sport understands, speaking to a group including the tournament’s founder and CEO Jon Mugar.

An opponent is said to have made racist statements against Frank Nouble, a former West Ham player

Nouble (right) plays for Colchester United vs.  Manchester United in 2019

Nouble (right) plays for Colchester United vs. Manchester United in 2019

Due to their loss in their first game earlier that day vs. Far East United, the Hammers will not progress to the knockout stages as the Dallas match was ruled abandoned – no forfeit – and West Ham are zero points heading into the third game. and endgame.

Culture By Mo Ali FC and Far East United have two wins each.

TST organizers tweeted the statement below late Thursday night.

“After investigating the closing moments of the game between West Ham United and Dallas United, we have come to the conclusion that Dallas United violated TST’s code of conduct,” it read.

“We have been in talks with the management of both clubs and we all agree that the best way forward is for Dallas United to withdraw from the competition. All parties involved want to make a united statement against racial insensitivity.

“We aim to run an event where not only is the stakes huge for all participants, but also one where all participants feel safe and protected.

As a result, tomorrow’s game between Dallas United and Far East United has been cancelled.

Dallas said in a statement that they chose not to continue playing in the event.

West Ham players, led by Anton Ferdinand, walked off the field in North Carolina

West Ham players, led by Anton Ferdinand, walked off the field in North Carolina

In light of the shadow cast by an opponent’s accusation during tonight’s game, the Dallas United players unanimously decided to withdraw from the remainder of the competition. Our coaches and staff fully support the team’s decision.

“We thank TST7v7 for the opportunity to participate in the tournament.”

In clips of the game circulating online, Ferdinand was heard saying, “I’m here to set a precedent now” shortly before the team left the field.

According to ESPNwhen asked what had happened, Ferdinand simply said “racism” and chose not to go into further detail.