Wedge issue: Why this photo at Grill’d has Aussies up in arms

The cost of a portion of potato wedges at a popular burger chain has sparked heated debate about Australia's cost of living.

A dissatisfied Grill'd customer shared a photo Reddit of 14 sweet potato chips in what was considered the restaurant's “snack size” portion.

“This is what $5.90 sweet potato fries look like right now from Grilled (sic),” the person wrote next to the image.

“Is it just me or is every company in trouble everywhere right now?”

A disgruntled customer posted a photo of a portion of sweet potato chips from popular burger chain Grill'd, sparking outrage online

The post attracted hundreds of comments from fed-up Aussies who accused Grill'd of 'taking the p***'.

“That's $0.42 per chip,” read one comment.

Another commented: 'Citizens have also become smaller again.'

But some defended the restaurant.

'Ingredients here cost a small part of a restaurant's operating costs. Why would you go out of your way to make substandard dishes?' someone said.

Another stated that they used to frequent the hamburger chain, but “haven't been in years” because “the prices are absurd now.”

Hundreds commented on the post, with customers trashing the 'substandard' portion

Hundreds commented on the post, with customers trashing the 'substandard' portion

Grill'd co-founder and managing director Simon Crowe warned last year that customers would face higher prices due to rising supply chain costs and inflationary pressures.

Mr Crowe told The Sydney Morning Herald in February he was confident his restaurants would still attract price-conscious customers who wanted to reduce their spending but still want to dine somewhere “ambitious and premium”.

“Obviously we don't want people to make it harder out there, but in an economic environment that becomes a challenge,” he said.

Ny Breaking Australia has contacted Grill'd for comment.

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