Waze can tempt you away from Google Maps with these super useful driving alerts

Waze is receiving a nice quality of life update that will help you drive around more safely and keep you informed of recent road changes.

The patch is expected to be released on Android and iOS devices around the world, but the rollout won’t happen all at once. Instead, the six features will be released in pieces over the coming months. It’s a bit complicated, but once you break it the announcement downit all makes sense.

When it comes to safety, the app informs you in advance about any emergency vehicles on your route. This way you know when you need to change lanes or take a detour. This tool is currently making its way to users in the US, Canada, Mexico and France, and Waze promises that more countries will follow soon.

Waze's new speed limit and emergency vehicle alerts

(Image credit: Waze/Google)

Our favorite update of all is Waze, which decides it will shout out upcoming changes to the speed limits in case they’re about to drop suddenly. It’s a pretty handy tool if you want to avoid getting caught in a speed trap. Third, the developers expand hazard detection to include speed bumps, sharp turns and toll booths. The speed limit warnings and hazard detection upgrade are currently being rolled out to all users.