Watch Daniel Ricciardo’s trainwreck interview with Lando Norris after stunning Mexican Grand Prix drive as ex-teammates start with a fart joke and it’s all downhill from there

  • Daniel Ricciardo shared a difficult interview with Lando Norris
  • The pair were interviewed after the Mexican Grand Prix
  • Norris was shocked by a cheeky comment from Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo was in a jovial mood after his stunning Grand Prix drive in Mexico, although Lando Norris wasn’t quite on the same level as his old teammate during a tricky interview.

Ricciardo finished second in the Driver of the Day poll after putting in an incredible performance to put his AlphaTauri in seventh place on Sunday afternoon, with Norris taking top spot after rising from 17th to fifth in a of his best rides ever.

Norris passed Ricciardo on his way to P5 in a dramatic move that saw the pair go wheel-to-wheel before the Briton came out on top.

The McLaren star was ecstatic to get one over his old teammate and took a cheeky swipe at Ricciardo during the match. his post-race interview.

“The one on Daniel,” he said when asked which of his many overtakes was the most fun. “Yeah, I mean, he’s the ‘king of late braking,’ right?

Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris were involved in an awkward altercation in Mexico

Ricciardo put in a stunning drive to finish seventh at the Mexican Grand Prix

Ricciardo put in a stunning drive to finish seventh at the Mexican Grand Prix

‘If I could, I would have hit him. It would have been even more fun,” he said, laughing.

Ricciardo then walked over to Norris to answer a few questions. The interview started with a fart joke and then went downhill.

“I actually want to ask him (Lando) a few questions. I feel like we probably looked even better before the red. Did you really have a good pace for the red?’

Norris said yes, after which Ricciardo asked: “Do you think you would have caught me?”

Norris replied “Ummm…” before Ricciardo interjected: “No! Okay, so I could have finished fifth! There you go. What a disappointment.’

The Brit reacted angrily to that comment and replied: “If I had qualified well yesterday, I would have been on the podium.”

Ricciardo hit back with a sly comment about Norris’ qualifying: ‘Yes, what happened yesterday? No, we’ll talk about that later.’

“No, I’m happy, I’m happy,” said Ricciardo, before squeezing his ex-teammate’s shoulder. ‘It has been a while.’

The pair were both smiling, but the tense nature of the conversation could have hinted at possible tension between the drivers after their two-year stint together with the team.

Ricciardo teased Lando Norris after the race, but he responded to his comments

Ricciardo teased Lando Norris after the race, but he responded to his comments

Christian Horner was effusive in his praise for Ricciardo after his fantastic drive, with rumors of an outright swap between the Australian and Sergio Perez growing.

Horner said: ‘It was great to see Daniel perform so well and it supports our decision to bring him back (from AlphaTauri).

‘I thought he was excellent this weekend, battling a Mercedes in an AlphaTauri, and if it hadn’t been for the red flag he would have finished higher.

‘It was a remarkable achievement from him. He’s back to his old self. He’s relaxed and confident.’

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