Want to use AI to help you reach 10,000 steps per day? Outdoors app AllTrails introduces new AI features

It seems there is no corner of technology that is considered “safe” against the AI ​​boom. Every popular piece of technology, from earbuds to laptops, uses artificial intelligence. Apples WWDC 2024 Developer Conferenceshowed up, for example Siri’s new ChatGPT partnership, part of the company’s new Apple Intelligence service.

Even the best fitness apps are not immune. First, the running and cycling app Strava made waves with its Athlete Intelligence AI analytics feature, and now it’s AllTrails’ turn. One of the best fitness apps for outdoor adventurers, AllTrails helps hikers find new trails (perfect for to get those 10,000 steps), which collects comments, photos and reviews from other hikers on approximately 400,000 trails.