Vote to censure Representative Tlaib reflects the growing pattern in the House of Representatives

The House of Representatives voted late Nov. 7 to elect Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan – the only Palestinian American in Congress – with an extraordinary rebuke of her rhetoric on the war between Israel and Hamas.

The 234-188 outcome came after enough Democrats joined Republicans in censuring Ms. Tlaib, a punishment one step below expulsion from the House of Representatives. The three-term congresswoman has long been the target of criticism for her views on the decades-long conflict in the Middle East.

The debate on the censure resolution on the afternoon of November 7 was emotional and intense. Republican Representative Rich McCormick of Georgia pushed for the measure in response to what he called Ms. Tlaib’s promotion of anti-Semitic rhetoric. He said she has “expressed incredible falsehoods about our greatest ally, Israel, and the October 7 attack.”