Victorian cops launch urgent investigation into Aussie pro-Palestine group who claimed terrorism is ‘justified resistance’ – after they were accused of assaulting Jews outside Melbourne town hall

Police are investigating an alleged attack by pro-Palestinian protesters on Jewish Australians as videos emerge showing protest leaders labeling themselves as “terrorists” and saying their “real act of resistance” is yet to come.

The alleged attack took place against Jewish citizens who were trying to attend a debate at Melbourne’s Town Hall on February 20, when protesters confronted them.

Video of the incident shows a Jewish man being knocked over before later being forcibly dragged away by police, who tell him he is “disturbing the peace” despite protests that he has a ticket to a debate in the hall to attend.

Video of the alleged attack shows a Jewish man being knocked over outside Melbourne City Hall

A separate video has emerged of City Hall protest leaders at another demonstration outside Victoria’s Parliament House, where they call themselves “terrorists” who will cleanse Australia and Israel of “settlers”.

In the video recorded on January 25 and intended for distribution on Australia Day, the man who identifies himself as Keiran says that “aAny form of terrorism we might commit is justified resistance.”

“It is legally justified under international law and morally justified,” Keiran said.

‘Of course the colonial entities will call us terrorists, and in the end we might be terrorists to them.

“If we’re honest, we’re terrorists because we terrorize the colonial systems… they shouldn’t be in Palestine in the first place.”

Another man, who cannot be named for legal reasons but was part of the City Hall protest, is addressing the gathering, which has dubbed itself the ‘Sit-Intifida’ and has a permanent encampment outside Parliament House.

“Like you said, they’re labeling us as terrorists… we haven’t even started proper resistance action yet,” the man said.

‘We’ll. It’s just a matter of time.’

The Melbourne man claims that indigenous Australians are also fighting settlers, just like the Palestinians.

“We will continue to teach our children how to exist and how to resist, and we will return the land to the traditional owners,” he said.

“Aboriginal land, not just Palestine, every single country… because throughout history there has not been a colonizer that has lasted forever for thousands of years.”

Two men who were part of the alleged City Hall attack have been filmed at another protest outside Victoria's Parliament House

Two men who were part of the alleged City Hall attack have been filmed at another protest outside Victoria’s Parliament House

The man who cannot be identified for legal reasons also appeared at a meeting on December 10 in Melbourne’s CBD last year.

‘This is not war. This is an honorable resistance movement against the Zionist occupation that began in 1948, and not on October 7, 2023,” he told a cheering crowd.

A permanent pro-Palestinian protest has been organized on the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne

A permanent pro-Palestinian protest has been organized on the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne

“We condemn ‘so-called Israel’ and its supporters for the continued genocide against the Palestinian people. We condemn the Zionists here, there and everywhere.

‘We demand nothing less. Nothing less. Then liberation to every edge of traditional Palestinian land. Nothing less.’

The incident outside City Hall is under investigation, with Sky News reporting that Victorian Police Commissioner Shane Patton described the situation as ‘very difficult and volatile’.

Deputy Commissioner Neil Paterson has been delegated to prosecute the case, with statements taken from the alleged victims.

“Using their bodies and then their hands, they began to push us back, attack and threaten us, as well as uttering many racist and anti-Semitic insults,” a formal police statement said.

Police are said to be reviewing video footage of the incident.

“Victoria Police can confirm they are investigating an alleged assault outside Melbourne City Hall on February 20,” police said in a statement to Sky News.

“This follows police receiving a formal report of a 36-year-old man who attended Caulfield Police Station on the afternoon of February 21,” the statement read.

‘At the time of the alleged attack, a meeting was being held outside the town hall.

‘Anyone who witnessed the incident or has any information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers… Due to privacy we cannot comment on individuals.’