Varla Commuter Pegasus Electric Scooter: The Eco-Friendly and Stylish Ride You Need

Although it is difficult to find an electric scooter that is eco-friendly, affordable, stylish, comfortable, and safe, all at the same price, it’s certainly not impossible. Especially with the Varla Commuter Pegasus electric scooter, you can get all the benefits and facilities at just the price of a single scooter.

The Pegasus electric scooter is the newest addition by the Varla company, which is well known for its eco-friendly and affordable electric scooters. Let us now discuss the new Varla commuter Pegasus motor scooter and how it can be the best option for your commute.

1. Who is the Varla Pegasus Best for?

The Varla Pegasus is built for anyone who wants to reach a place without harming nature. Anyone who wants to reach their job on time, run errands, or even want a thrilling ride with friends can make this electric scooter their best option.

It can manage any weight size and any speed limits, given the solid structure it dons and the robust equipment and specifications it has. However, if you want to keep your ride as simple as possible and in style, the Varla Pegasus is made just for you.

2. Stylish Design and Eco-Friendly Features

Let’s move towards its stylish design and eco-friendly features that sets this model apart from all the other conventional scooters:

· Frame and Build Quality

The Varla Pegasus has a solid and wide frame that can be spacious for any person. It offers a 6.7-inch wide and 19.7-long deck, making it spacious to stand. The overall structure of the Pegasus electric scooter is long and tough, as it weighs 66 lbs.

The frame is built of Magnesium and Aluminum materials, considered solid materials. The self-weight also indicates that the build quality is good. This motor scooter can easily withstand a payload weight of 280 lbs, another great thing about its frame and build quality.

· Tires and Suspension

The Varla Pegasus possesses 8-inch solid rubber tires that are puncture and traction-proof. These factors also help a lot when it comes to maintenance. It is an ideal commuter scooter for pavements, making the ride extremely comfortable on roads and sidewalks.

The Pegasus can ride swiftly on all kinds of roads, and the spring suspension works particularly well on rough terrain. While the smooth suspension is good on rough terrains, it works smoothly on neat roads.

· Brakes

The Varla Pegasus motor scooter offers a 9.2 ft braking distance. It is remarkable and useful for avoiding accidents and dodging obstacles. The dual disc brakes with the Pegasus provide an extra safer riding experience. Instead of the inner tire pad on the back tire coming in contact with the rotor, it was the caliper itself. Once calibrated, the brakes are very powerful.

· Lighting and Reflectors

The headlight offers great brightness. However, you need to position it a bit according to your convenience. You need to turn on the e scooter before pressing the button to turn on the headlights. The monitor also shows when the lights are on, which is a great touch.

The red taillight on the fender is of good quality and flashes when the brakes are engaged in three brightness levels. Moreover, orange reflectors are along either side of the deck’s front.

Varla Commuter Pegasus Electric Scooter
Varla Commuter Pegasus Electric Scooter

· Display and Controls

The comfortable rubber grip on the handlebars gives riders confidence when riding. Thanks to the center-mounted display, the rider can quickly adjust settings while maintaining focus on the road. On the right side of the handlebar, there is a thumb throttle. Feathering a thumb throttle can become tiresome. However, workarounds are available, such as adjusting your P-settings to limit the sensitivity of the acceleration system, etc.

The Up and Down arrows, and the Mode buttons, are located on the left side of the handlebars to provide more control. The arrows control the 1-3 PAS levels. Using the Mode button, electric scooter adult can also switch among several displays, including Trip and Total Odometer.

· Other Features

The Pegasus is more appealing than other dual motor scooters since it resembles a cruiser rather than a high-powered rocket. With a silver deck, gray and black handgrips, and some red accents, it has an unusual color scheme that provides a stylish look to the electric scooter. The clashing hues give off a muddled impression that is less sporty and more eccentric.

For all weather, the Varla Pegasus is water-resistant. And this is the reason why the Varla Pegasus is a sure-shot winner for all seasons and weather.

3. Performance and Riding Experience

The dual motors accelerate the performance of an electric scooter, making it an economical product with high performance. The Varla Pegasus has dual 500w wheels that offer strong acceleration. Weight considerations for the rider are also crucial for riding and performance experience. One can easily carry 30lb/13kg of goods while traveling on the scooter, making it an amazingly manageable vehicle.

· Speed and Range

The Pegasus can easily go at the speed of 25.0 mph. The Pegasus is a speedy cruiser offering a stable and confident ride at 20 mph. Including turns, stops, starts, and some uphill cycling with a 165 lb rider, this electric scooter still gives the best range and speeding experience.

· Comfort and Handling

Varla Pegasus has pre-programmable settings, making it far easier to manage than other electric scooters. One can easily change the scooter’s settings from zero starts to cruise control or speedometer. Due to this customized setting, this commuter scooter is far easier to handle for anyone.

· Climbing

Surprisingly, the Varla Pegasus is an exceptional climber, unlike most electric scooters. It can easily climb up to 2000 ft in 9.5 seconds, offering a speed of 14.3 mph. You can easily take this scooter for any of your climbing adventures.

· Noise Level

One of the best features of an electric scooters is that they create no noise. Passer bys will not even feel or hear an electric scooter going beside them. This is also the main reason why they are considered so eco-friendly.

· Safety and Stability

Having an amazingly solid and hard structure, the Varla Pegasus provides immense stability to the rider. Stability is a great factor in safe rides. This commuter scooter provides the utmost comfort, safety, and stability while on the road.

Varla Commuter Pegasus Electric Scooter

4. Stay Safe on the Road

The dual hydraulic brakes, the steady suspension, the puncture-less tires, and the big LCD make all the settings visible; you name it regarding safety, and the Varla Pegasus provides it. With the bright front light and the visible settings, the ride is safe for the rider and the other people on the road, as the side lights make electric scooter adult visible to others. So, each feature of this electric scooter provides the rider with a safe and secure riding experience.  


The Varla Pegasus is one of a kind when it comes to safe travel, high-quality technicalities, and a stylish design. You get the taste of style and an eco-friendly traveling partner with the Varla Pegasus. Head now to the Varla website to look at other amazing electric scooter options.

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