USMNT’s Nations League final against Mexico is HALTED over homophobic chants after USA goalkeeper Matt Turner is targeted with slurs

The United States Nations League match against Mexico was stopped twice by the referee after USMNT goalkeeper Matt Turner was the subject of homophobic chants.

As the US led 2-0 in the final minutes of Sunday’s match in Texas, we heard the Mexican fans chanting ‘p***’, which, translated, is a slur against homosexuals.

Supporters could hear it shouted repeatedly as Turner took goal kicks at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

After numerous calls went over the stadium loudspeakers, referee Drew Fischer paused the match for several minutes.

Many Mexican fans then poured out of the stadium before play resumed. Unfortunately, however, the chanting continued and the referee was forced to stop the match for the second time just seconds before the start of the match.

It could have resulted in both teams being taken off the field or even the match being stopped for good.

Mexico has been fined for the chants more than once in recent years and it is not the first time this match has been disrupted by the slur.

The referees had to intervene when these two teams met in the semi-finals of the Nations League last year.


USMNT goalkeeper Matt Turner was the subject of homophobic chants against Mexico