US woman, 44, is found dead after ‘extreme sex’ as police arrest her husband, 50, for ‘risky practices’ during their holiday in Spain

  • The husband was arrested on April 6 for reckless homicide
  • According to local reports, the case has since been upgraded to murder
  • The body was discovered on Saturday in Plaza Enrique Garcia Herrer, Malaga

An American woman was found dead in an apartment after taking part in ‘extreme sex’ before police arrested her husband during their holiday in Spain.

The body of the woman, 44, was discovered on April 6 in a tourist apartment in Plaza Enrique Garcia Herrer, Malaga.

Spanish police quickly arrested her husband, 50, after sources close to the case revealed to local media that the death may have been linked to some “extreme sexual practices” involving the couple.

The man was arrested for reckless homicide after the woman’s death.

According to local reports, the case was investigated as gender-based violence before being upgraded to murder as current evidence points to an accidental death during extreme or risky sexual practices in an “intimate context.”

The body of an American woman, 44, was found in a Malaga apartment where police believed ‘extreme sex’ led to her death

However, local media have stated that new procedures carried out by investigators led detectives to believe they would place the events in a context of sexist violence.

On Monday, the 50-year-old stood before a judge at Investigative Court Number 9 of Malaga, who ordered the suspect’s pre-trial detention without bail, according to the Spanish press.

Legal sources have confirmed this La Opinie De Málagathat due to the nature of the case, the case will now be heard by the Violence Against Women Tribunal.

The events came to light last Saturday when local police were alerted to the unconscious woman in an Airbnb-style flat in the city’s historic centre.

Doctors who rushed to the property were reportedly only able to determine the tourist’s death, after which the National Police took over the investigation to determine the cause.

The body was then transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine to undergo an autopsy and forensic examination.

If the sexist motivation is confirmed, this would be the third fatal accident of its kind in Malaga so far this year.

The Spanish National Police continues to investigate the case.