Union Budget 2024-2025: These are the main challenges in electronics and semiconductors

Key Challenges

Increasing domestic value added and balancing jobs by improving organic competitiveness

Infrastructure implementation must keep pace with sector growth

Training and retraining of personnel to meet quality and technical needs

Improving the ease of doing business by removing unclear definitions in existing policies

Industry asks

Reduce seven tariff bands to three to align structure with competing electronics producing countries

Favorable regulatory and policy environment for increasing domestic value added through supply chain localization

Policy continuity in critical segments to build long-term capacity and capability in India

Funding for states to accelerate implementation of electronics manufacturing infrastructure

Simplified tariffs, increased FTAs ​​and improved ease of doing business will help build the ecosystem in the short term. Strategic geopolitical alignment will help build competitiveness for India in the long term”

Sujay Shetty, Managing Director, (ESDM & Semiconductor), PwC India

First print: Jul 11, 2024 | 12:47 AM IST