Could more Democrats vote AGAINST Biden as ‘uncommitted’ on Super Tuesday in backlash over Gaza?

President Joe Biden could face a growing backlash over his support for aid to Israel as efforts to get Democrats “unfettered” to vote in the presidential primaries intensify ahead of Super Tuesday, when 15 states and hold competitions in one territory.

It comes after the president drew fierce condemnation from some Democrats in Michigan, where more than 101,000 voters chose “uncommitted” rather than cast a ballot for the president during the state’s primaries as Israel wages war in Gaza.

Although the Democratic presidential primaries are not considered competitive with a sitting president, the vote in Michigan served as a warning for Biden, who won the crucial state against Donald Trump by just over 150,000 votes in 2020 and trailed the former president in the recent battleground state. polls.

On Super Tuesday, Democratic voters in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and American Samoa will have their say.

While Democrats’ call for “unfettered” voting is not expected to have a major impact in many of the Super Tuesday states, campaigns are already underway in some states to push Democrats to do so.

A volunteer with the Abandon Biden campaign in Michigan. Some supporters have urged voters to follow Michigan’s lead and ‘voluntarily’ vote in the contests taking place on Super Tuesday

In Minnesota, supporters of an immediate ceasefire in Gaza are calling on Democrats to vote on Biden on Tuesday without any commitment.

“We are hopeful that many people who are coming out will be coming out because they want to send a strong message to President Biden,” said Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). in Minnesota in a local interview.

The Twin Cities in particular are home to a thriving Muslim population, mainly from Somalia.

The Fifth District, which includes Minneapolis, also elected one of the first two Muslim women to Congress, Rep. Ilhan Omar, who has been an outspoken critic of the Biden administration’s support for Israel. contacted her office to inquire whether she supports the “uncommitted” voting effort.

Minnesota will elect 92 delegates to the convention this summer.

In Colorado, there is also a new campaign underway to vote “uncommitted” on Tuesday. The Colorado Palestine Coalition launched their efforts with the slogan “we say no!” to genocide Joe” and urge Democrats to send a message to the president that they will not “remain silent” while he supports Israel’s financing.

California voters won’t have the option to vote “unfettered” in the presidential primaries on Tuesday, but according to CalMatters, state CAIR leaders are urging voters to leave the space blank rather than vote for Biden while still opposing voting in the primaries. .

A week after Super Tuesday, Washington will also hold its Democratic presidential primaries. The board of directors of the state’s largest labor union, UFCW 3000, unanimously supported the move to adopt “non-committed” voting in the upcoming primaries.

“Currently, many voters and the UFCW 3000 board believe that the best way to have the best nominee and defeat Trump is to vote ‘unfettered’ in the upcoming March 12 Washington primary,” they said in a statement declaration. “The hope is that this will strengthen the Democratic party’s eventual nominee to defeat Trump in the general election in November.”

It added that once the Democratic National Convention takes place, the union is committed to supporting the Democratic candidate “to win and defeat Trump.”

Supporters of the 'uncommitted' election campaign protest US support for Israel ahead of Michigan's Democratic presidential primaries

Supporters of the ‘uncommitted’ election campaign protest US support for Israel ahead of Michigan’s Democratic presidential primaries

Uncommitt received 13.2% of the vote in Michigan's Democratic primary and will send two delegates to the Democratic National Convention in August

Uncommitt received 13.2% of the vote in Michigan’s Democratic primary and will send two delegates to the Democratic National Convention in August

In Michigan, more than 101,000 voters, 13.2 percent, chose ‘voluntarily’ instead of Biden in the Democratic presidential primaries. It was enough for “uncommitted” to send two delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago this summer.

Michigan is home to the largest Arab-American population in the country. According to exit polls conducted by CAIR, only 4.6 percent of Muslim Democratic Party voters in the state indicated they would vote for Biden on Tuesday, while 94 percent voted “uncommitted.”

“Based on our exit poll and our interactions with Muslim voters, it appears that President Biden’s unconditional support for the Israeli government’s genocide in Gaza is likely to play a decisive factor in the impact of his support within the Muslim and Arab American communities,” CAIR said. said director Robert McCaw.

In response to a question about Michigan’s “indeterminate” vote, the White House said the president appreciates people coming out and making their voices heard. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre noted that the president still received more than 80 percent of the party’s votes.

Jean-Pierre said they understand how “personal this is, how this moment is incredibly painful” and that they will continue to have conversations and engage with the Muslim and Arab-American community.

President Biden said he remains

President Biden said he remains “hopeful” about a ceasefire despite complications after more than a hundred people were killed at a food distribution site in Gaza where Israeli forces opened fire.

On Monday, Biden said he hopes a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas could come into effect as early as this week, but on Thursday the president said the ceasefire likely won’t happen on Monday, as he predicted , amid reports of Israeli assassinations. Palestinians wait for food. Biden said he is still “hopeful.”

Witnesses accused the IDF of opening fire on a crowd of Palestinians, killing more than a hundred near Gaza City, but Israel said many of the dead were trampled in a rush for food and that troops turned down the fire opened when they felt threatened.

The US carried out the first airdrop of aid into Gaza on Saturday as hunger grows.

Administration officials also said that Israel has essentially endorsed the framework for a ceasefire and the release of hostages and that it is now up to Hamas to agree.