UK hotels step up the war on bed bugs for a bite-free festive season with ‘smart’ gadget that helped rid Paris of the creepy crawlies

Never place your bag on a hotel bed

“When you first arrive at your hotel, you can place your bag directly on the bed without checking for any kinks and start unpacking,” says Martin Seeley of MattressNextDay.

However, he points out that by doing this, “you're putting your luggage and clothing directly where bed bugs commonly reside and giving them a free ticket home.”

With that in mind, he recommends storing “your bag as close to the room door as possible.”

Always store your clothes in the wardrobe, not in drawers

It is advisable to avoid placing your bag on the hotel bed, and always store your clothes in the wardrobe, not in the drawers

After a long day of traveling to your destination, you might be tempted to quickly throw everything you're wearing into your conveniently placed bedside drawers – but Martin declares this a “big mistake.”

Why? “Although bed bugs can't fly, they can crawl, and putting your clothes in drawers next to the bed gives them the perfect opportunity,” he explains.

Take a spare plastic bag for dirty clothes with you

“Bedbugs are most attracted to dirty clothes, so be sure to bring a spare bag of your dirty laundry in your bag and tie the bag in a knot to make it completely sealed,” says Martin.

Unpack your belongings on a hard floor and not in your bedroom

Martin reveals that there are further preventative measures you can take when you return from your holiday.

“When you get home, unpack your belongings somewhere other than your bedroom,” says the mattress expert. “It's best on hardwood floors, as you won't be able to spot bedbugs on the carpet.”

He continues: “Inspect your bag closely and use a flashlight or torch to look at the seams, folds and pockets of your bag. Always vacuum your bag before storing it.”

Wash everything you take, even clean clothes

Finally, although “it may seem like a stretch,” Martin recommends “washing every piece of clothing you take with you on vacation, even those that are clean or unworn.”

“If bedbugs crawl into your bag, they won't differentiate between items of clothing,” he explains.

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