Typhur Product Event 2024

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At the much-anticipated Typhur Product Event 2024, culinary enthusiasts and industry professionals alike witnessed a showcase of cutting-edge innovations that promise to redefine the way we approach cooking. Typhur, known for its commitment to culinary excellence, unveiled a range of products designed to elevate the home cooking experience.

Typhur Sync Wireless Meat Thermometer

#1 in Stability and Accuracy

Typhur Sync combines two 6-sensor wireless probes with a matching 4-in-1 Device Base, providing an unparalleled blend of accuracy and reliability in wireless temperature monitoring – whether you choose to use it with or without a mobile app.
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At the heart of Typhur Sync’s excellence are its two state-of-the-art probes. Each probe is a powerhouse of six finely tuned sensors, not just for show but for remarkable functionality. These high-tech heroes are constantly at work, ensuring that your food’s internal temperatures are measured with unbeatable accuracy. From a slow-roasted brisket to a beautifully roasted chicken, Typhur Sync makes sure your culinary creations are always spot on.

The Typhur Sync’s device base is like a Swiss Army knife for cooking. It’s a 4-in-1 hub that adapts to your every cooking need.

Two Wireless Mode

  • Phone-Free Mode: Love going old school? The Typhur Sync’s Phone-Free Mode lets you keep tabs on temperatures directly on the Device Base Screen – no smartphone needed.
  • Unlimited Range Mode: Need to step away? No problem. Connect the device base to your Wi-Fi, and voila! You can check your cooking temperatures from anywhere using your phone.

Wi-Fi Booster

The Typhur Sync’s device base also doubles as a Wi-Fi booster, so you’re always in sync with your cooking, no matter where you are.

Advanced Estimation

Set your target temperature and let Typhur Sync calculate the remaining cooking time. It’s all about planning and precision.

Fast Probe Charging

Time is precious, and Typhur Sync gets that. Its probes are ready for action with just a two-minute charge, keeping your kitchen hustle smooth and uninterrupted.

Typhur Dome Air Fryer

#1 in Cooking Speed

Inspired by traditional pizza ovens, the Typhur R&D team spent years reinventing the airflow and circulation of the Dome air fryer. This resulted in faster and more even cooking than any other air fryer on the market. The expansive 12” x 12” basket and the powerful heating system ensure mouthwatering, substantial meals with results ready in mere Minutes.
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#1 in cooking speed

In particular, the Typhur Dome air fryer heats up 30% quicker than other models. There is less need to preheat thanks to its quick heating, which ensures that food cooks rapidly.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

The Typhur Dome Air Fryer excels not only in functionality but also in its remarkably quiet operation. It operates at a mere 55 decibels at its peak, which is just slightly above the noise level of a standard household refrigerator, also measured at 55 decibels. This low noise output is a significant advantage, ensuring that your cooking experience doesn’t come with the usual racket of typical kitchen appliances. The tranquility it offers makes it an ideal choice for any time of day, whether it’s an early breakfast or a late-night snack, especially in homes where maintaining a peaceful environment is crucial. With the Typhur Dome, you can enjoy the convenience of quick and healthy meals without disrupting the calm of your kitchen space.

Unique Self-Cleaning Mode

The Typhur Dome Air Fryer sets itself apart with a remarkable self-cleaning feature, elevating it beyond just a cooking appliance to a convenient kitchen partner. This innovative function is designed to tackle the grime and grease buildup inside the base unit – those tricky spots that are typically hard to reach and often overlooked. The self-cleaning cycle comes with two options: a standard 1-hour clean for regular maintenance and an intensive 2-hour cycle for a deeper cleanse. 

What makes this feature particularly appealing is the ease with which it can be activated. Directly from the mobile app, you can initiate the cleaning process, seamlessly integrating hygiene into your cooking routine. This not only saves time and effort but also ensures that your Typhur Dome remains in pristine condition, ready for your next culinary adventure.

Typhur InstaProbe Instant Read Meat Thermometer

#1 in Reading Speed and Accuracy

At the recent unveiling of the Typhur InstaProbe, the spotlight was on its groundbreaking capabilities as an instant-read meat thermometer. This innovative gadget is poised to transform the culinary experience with its cutting-edge features and precision.

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Engineering Marvel: The Typhur InstaProbe sets a new standard with its ability to deliver a full temperature reading in 0.5 seconds or less. This remarkable speed is the fruit of advanced engineering and Typhur’s patented technology – Direct Contact Thermocouple Integration (DCTi).

Innovative Design: The secret behind the InstaProbe’s swift response time is ingeniously simple yet effective. A micro thermocouple sensor bead is strategically placed right on the surface of the probe tip, ensuring full contact with the heat source. Moreover, the interior of the probe tip is filled with high-performance thermal paste, optimizing the heat conductive efficiency. This design results in the thermometer’s lightning-fast responsiveness, a feature that is sure to delight both professional chefs and home cooks.

Unmatched Accuracy

Precision You Can Trust: In the realm of cooking, accuracy is non-negotiable. The Typhur InstaProbe excels in this aspect with an industry-leading accuracy of ±0.5°F, a feature that sets it apart in the market.

Certified Reliability: Each InstaProbe undergoes a rigorous seven-point calibration process at the Typhur Lab, using instruments certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This meticulous process ensures that every device meets the highest standards for accurate temperature measurements.

Typhur All-in-One Sous Vide Station

The World’s 1st All-in-One Design

The star of the event was the Typhur All-in-One Sous Vide Station, a sophisticated appliance that combines precision temperature control, a user-friendly interface, and a powerful circulation system. This sous vide station is poised to revolutionize at-home sous vide cooking, making it more accessible to both beginners and seasoned chefs.

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The Sous Vide Station is a one-stop shop for all your sous vide needs. It includes everything you need to cook, including the circulator tower, sous vide container, vacuum bag, vacuum sealer, and snap weight. No need to buy extra equipment or piecemeal your setup together.

Scheduled Cooking Mode

The Typhur Sous Vide Station features a scheduled cooking function, enhancing convenience and ensuring food safety. This function keeps food below 40°F until cooking starts, addressing concerns about the Temperature Danger Zone. The device employs a double-layered water tank with superior insulation and uses ice to maintain low temperatures. 

Its design is tested to keep food safe for up to 9 hours even at room temperatures of 30°C. The Station also includes a smart temperature monitoring system that provides real-time updates and alerts, allowing for flexible scheduling and ensuring food is cooked under optimal conditions.

Sum Up

Typhur Sync stands out as a pinnacle of innovation in the smart home industry. As technology continues to evolve, Typhur remains at the forefront, shaping the future of smart living with products that seamlessly blend functionality, intelligence, and user-centric design.