Two Premium Bonds savers will win £100,000 in prizes with £100 bonds

  • Two Premium Bonds savers scooped £100,000 in prize money with small £100 holdings
  • One bought the bonds in December 2023 and the other in March 1990

Two Premium Bonds holders have won a £100,000 prize from owning just £100 in this month’s prize draw.

One of the winners, based in Leeds, bought the winning bond in December 2023, meaning they only had to wait three months for their big win.

But another winner, based in South West Wales, bought the winning bonds in March 1990, 34 years ago, proving that good things come to those who wait.

Lucky: Two Premium Bonds savers won £100,000 prizes from £100 worth of bonds

There were 86 winners of £100,000 in this month’s Premium Bonds prize draw. The £100,000 prize is the second largest after the coveted £1 million jackpot.

The two £1 million jackpot winners, from West Sussex and Hampshire, both had maximum holdings of £50,000.

In last month’s draw, a Premium Bonds saver scooped a £50,000 prize with just £10 worth of Premium Bonds bought in 1990, proving the myths wrong about only being able to win a big prize with the maximum holding.

Premium Bond Winners

Price Area Value of the bond
£1,000,000 West Sussex £4,625
£1,000,000 Hampshire and the Isle of Wight £2,000
£100,000 Shropshire £50,000
£100,000 Leeds £100
£100,000 Warwickshire £50,000
£100,000 Greater Manchester £40,000
£100,000 Cheshire East £20,000
£100,000 Surrey £50,000

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There were more than 5.8 million prizes in March’s draw, resulting in a total payout of more than £451 million.

Of this prize draw, the Premium Bonds prize money is 4.4 percent. NS&I announced in January that the prize money would be reduced from 4.65 percent to 4.4 percent. The odds of a £1 bond number winning a prize remain the same: 21,000 to 1.

NS&I says the cut is due to the ‘requirement to balance the interests of our savers, taxpayers and the stability of the wider financial services sector.’

This is done by reducing larger prizes – with the exception of the two €1 million offers – and adding many more €25 winnings.

Andrew Westhead, NS&I retail director, said: ‘Congratulations to our £1 million jackpot winners from West Sussex and Hampshire, who can now start planning what to do with their tax-free winnings.

‘This month, two winners with £100 holdings won a £100,000 prize, showing that every bond counts.’