Truecaller’s new feature can turn your voice into a personal secretary

Caller ID service Truecaller gives users the ability to create a digital assistant that has their voice and can respond on their behalf. If you’re not familiar with the app, Truecaller launched the AI ​​Assistant feature in 2022 to screen phone calls and take messages, among other things. Until now, pre-made voices were used, but thanks to the power of Microsoft’s Azure AI talkyou can now use your own.

Setting up your voice within Trucaller is quite simple; you just need a subscription to Truecaller Premium, which costs $9.99 per month per account. Once that’s set up, the software will immediately ask you to select an AI assistant – but instead of choosing one of the pre-made personalities, select ‘Add your voice’.

You will then be asked to read a permission phrase and a short training script aloud into your smartphone microphone. Doing this ensures that the AI ​​has a voice that mimics your ‘speaking style’. Once this is done, Truecaller states that Microsoft’s Azure Custom Voice will begin processing the recording to create a “high-quality digital replica.” The app gives you a demo soundbite to help you imagine what it sounds like when someone calls you.

(Image credit: Truecaller)

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