Troubled NFL star Chandler Jones is ARRESTED overnight in Las Vegas for violating a protective order – hours after sparking fears for his mental health with tearful, rambling live stream

  • Chandler Jones’ bail has been set at $15,000 by the Clark County Detention Center
  • He has recently raised concerns about his behavior on social media
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According to police records, Chandler Jones was arrested in Las Vegas around midnight on Friday.

Jones has sparked fears about his mental health recently, when he accused Raiders owner Mark Davis of protecting someone who allegedly abused his goddaughter, and later appeared to suggest that Las Vegas coach Josh McDaniels was somehow responsible was before the death of Aaron Hernandez in 2017.

According to Clark County Detention Center records, 33-year-old Jones was arrested for violating a temporary domestic violence protective order.

Records show Jones’ bail is set at $15,000.

TMZ reported that Jones was “cooperative” when taken into custody.

The defensive end has not played this season and has behaved erratically on social media.

Chandler Jones was arrested overnight in Las Vegas, police records show

In a lengthy series of tweets earlier this month, Jones accused Raiders owner Davis of “keeping a big secret” and said he was banned from the team’s facilities because he allegedly found out his goddaughter was being “abused.”

“I wish I could play with my brothers, but Marky Mark has a big secret that only I know!” Jones wrote before the Raiders’ 38-10 loss to the Bills.

Jones claimed Tuesday that he was involuntarily taken to a psychiatric hospital by the Las Vegas Fire Department last week.

“I was taken in against my will by the Las Vegas Fire Department last week,” he said.

‘I got an injection with I don’t know what. They say it was a court order and the Las Vegas police put me on it. I had done nothing wrong. The police said people were worried about me because of my posts online.”

Later, Jones released a disturbing, tearful video questioning the facts surrounding Hernandez’s death. The former Patriot died by suicide in a Massachusetts prison after being convicted of the murder of Odin Lloyd.