Travis Kelce arrives for Chiefs’ must-win game against the Raiders in a flamboyant cardigan and sunglasses as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend looks to hit back from getting beat by his brother

  • Kelce said he “ruined” his team after a late-game fumble against the Eagles
  • The Chiefs and Raiders are ranked first and third, respectively, in the AFC West
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Travis Kelce arrived at Allegiant Stadium on Sunday for his Kansas City Chiefs team’s game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Kelce, 34, wore sunglasses and a multi-colored cardigan with a sunset frame around it.

The tight end looks to bounce back after a subpar performance against his brother Jason and the Philadelphia Eagles on November 20.

And while their record for the season will be one win regardless of today’s score, Kelce and his team need to show a turnaround in the current form trend.

Kelce recorded seven receptions and a touchdown for 44 yards in the 21-17 loss. The significant drop left both Kelce and Chiefs fans unhappy.

On Wednesday, Kelce reflected on his poor performance on the New Heights Podcast. A very monotonous and frustrated Kelce was talking to his brother about how he “stuck” his team with a fumble.

“We didn’t score in the second half, Jason,” Travis told his older brother. ‘We haven’t scored in the second half for four or five games. We have to fix that, and it starts with me holding the damn ball.”

Jason tried to encourage Travis by pointing out the positives he saw as an opponent. However, Travis continued to be hard on himself and took the blame for his team’s loss.

“My turnover, turnover is killing us,” Kelce added. ‘Penalties are absolutely killing us. I had either, and a drop, and a fumble. I’m not playing my best football right now, and it pisses me off every time I’m there. But as a unit we are still together. And that’s all that matters.’

As expected, fans jokingly brought Kelce’s girlfriend Taylor Swift into the conversation. While it’s unfair to blame Swift for Kelce’s poor performance, the numbers since they started dating are remarkable.

Kelce is averaging 108 yards per game with Swift. The average drops significantly to 41.8 meters without Swift in the stands.

Yet Kelce continued to take responsibility for his mistakes when his team lost.

“You can hammer on my fumble, you can hammer on penalties,” Kelce added. “It’s focus, coming together and playing as a team. Everyone is suffering from lack of accountability right now and we just have to keep growing. It sucks when you lose, but we know we have a great team guy.”

The Chiefs enter Sunday’s game with a 7-3 record atop the AFC West. Meanwhile, the Raiders are 5-6 and third in the division.