Trade up with MPB

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, everyone is looking for great prices on all kinds of technology – and cameras and photography equipment are at the top of holiday wish lists. Whether you’re a weekend snapper discovering a new passion for photography, or a seasoned professional whose closet is already bursting with old gear, there’s almost nothing more exciting than treating yourself to a well-deserved upgrade.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to justify a brand new purchase when prices are high and many people already have so much unused technology gathering dust in their homes. This is where MPB, The world’s largest global platform for buying, selling and trading used camera equipmentcan help.

This fully circular platform not only gives all kinds of people access to top quality photography and video equipment at a much fairer price, but it also gives you a safe platform to sell your old cameras and equipment. This means you can offset the price of your new camera setup, do a little good for the planet, and help the next generation of visual storytellers gain access to affordable equipment and gear. How does it work and why is this such a game-changer for photography enthusiasts?

Someone holding a Nikonc camera

(Image credit: Future)

Billions of unused technology