Tourist Arrivals Reach Record High in Nepal for October 2023

In a remarkable surge, Nepal has witnessed an unprecedented influx of tourists, with October 2023 marking the highest number of arrivals in a single month, as reported by the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB). A total of 117,306 tourists explored the diverse landscapes and cultural richness of the country during this period.

NTB Director Maniraj Lamichhane highlighted that this figure surpasses the previous record set in October 2019, which saw 113,000 tourists. 

The data, a testament to Nepal’s growing popularity as a tourist destination, underlines the resilience of the tourism sector despite global challenges.

Breaking down the numbers provided by the Nepal Tourism Board, 52,121 tourists visited Nepal in October 2022, a substantial increase from the 15,715 in 2021 and 1,831 in 2020. Notably, a significant portion of these arrivals includes Nepali residents from overseas, drawn back to their homeland to celebrate Dashain, a major festival in Nepal.

India, the United States, Bangladesh, China, and Sri Lanka emerged as the primary sources of this tourism surge. Among these, India led with 18,480 visitors, followed by the United States with 14,879 and the UK with 8,217.

Trekking remains a pivotal attraction for tourists, particularly from America and Europe, as Nepal continues to be revered as one of the premier trekking destinations globally. The iconic Everest Base Camp trek stands out as the most popular trekking route, drawing adventurers from around the world.

The cumulative tourist arrival figures for 2023 have now reached an impressive 809,678, according to the latest data from the Nepal Tourism Board. 

This positive trend showcases the resilience and appeal of Nepal as a top-notch travel destination, offering a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and unparalleled trekking experiences.