Top Trends in Private Label Bottled Water: What Consumers Want

In the past few years, private label bottled water has become a more popular choice among customers. This trend is caused by several factors, such as convenience, health issues, and concerns about the environment.

It’s important to know what people want when it comes to private label bottled water so you can stay ahead of the competition as more companies enter the market. Here are some of the top trends to keep in mind.

Packaging Preferences

Preferences for packaging are a big trend in the market for private label bottled water. People are being pickier and more aware about their packaging choices, especially when it comes to plastic bottles.

Many people are looking for options, like packaging made of glass or aluminum. They think that these choices will last longer and be better for the environment. This is a chance for companies to stand out by giving their private label bottled water more eco-friendly packaging choices.

Hydration Options

Even though plain bottled water is still a popular choice, people are looking for other ways to stay hydrated. Private label bottled water companies can take advantage of this trend.

They can give customers many options to stay hydrated and highlight the benefits of each. Here are some:

Flavored Waters

Customers who want something different from plain water are choosing flavored water. When it comes to staying hydrated, flavored waters come in a lot of different flavors. From fruit-infused to others that cater to consumer preferences.

Enhanced Waters

The rise of enhanced waters is another trend in the market for private label bottled water. Some of these are electrolyte or vitamin-enhanced drinks that have health benefits.

This includes keeping you hydrated or helping your immune system. Companies can get customers who care about their health by incorporating these types of enhanced waters into their private label offerings.

Functional Waters

Another new trend in the private label drinking water market is functional waters. These are specially made to do a certain job, like giving you more energy or making processing easier. 

Companies can meet the needs of customers who want a more focused way to stay hydrated by making functional waters available.

Alkaline Waters

In the past few years, alkaline water has become more common. Some people think it is good for you because it makes you more hydrated and lowers your body’s acidity.

Businesses can profit from this trend. They can sell their own brand of alkaline drinks to people who want a unique way to stay hydrated.

Sparkling Waters

Also, sparkling waters have become very popular. Many people like the taste and feel of the carbonation. To keep up with this growing trend, companies can add sparkling options to their private label products.

Convenience and Portability

The main reasons why private label bottled water is so popular are its convenience and portability. People want a way to stay hydrated that is easy to carry with them wherever they go, like to work, the gym, or while running errands.

Businesses in this market can take advantage of this trend by making their brand of bottled water available in a range of sizes and forms. This includes both smaller bottles that are easy to carry and bigger ones that can be shared.

Sustainability in Bottled Water

For consumers, sustainability is still very important, and private label bottled water is no exception. As we already said, people are choosing packaging that is better for the environment.

Also, customers want to buy from companies that care about the environment throughout the whole production process. This means finding long-term sources of water, making products in ways that are good for the environment, and starting recycling programs. Businesses that can show they care about the environment when it comes to drinking water are likely to have an advantage in the market.

Customization and Personalization

Companies can stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace by providing private-label bottled water that is customized and unique to them. This can include making custom labels or even letting customers mix flavors to make their own custom water flavors. Companies can meet customers’ needs for customization and make the brand experience more remembered and interesting by following this trend.

Premium and Luxury Options

The private label bottled water market is still growing, and people are starting to want more high-end options. These include fancy packaging, one-of-a-kind flavor mixtures, and water that can only be found in that one place.

Companies can follow this trend by making private label products that are seen as more high-end or premium. This will appeal to people who want a more luxurious way to stay hydrated.

Packaging Trends

In the market for private label bottled water, it’s important to know what the latest trends are in packaging. Companies should carefully think about what kind of packaging will appeal to their target audience. From simple and sleek designs to bright and eye-catching ones.

Transparency and Information

More and more people are worried about what they put in their bodies, and drinking water is no different. Because of this, businesses should put transparency first and give full details about where their water comes from, how it’s made, and what ingredients are used in flavored or enhanced waters.

Digital and E-Commerce

As e-commerce grows, private label bottled water companies should think about their online presence and how to use digital marketing. This includes making their website easy for people to use, using social media, and making it easy for people to order their products online. To connect with their target audience and raise awareness of their brand, private label brands should also think about working with influencers.

Local Sourcing and Community Involvement

Also, customers are choosing businesses that focus on using local materials and giving back to the community. One way to do this is to work with local water sources or help environmental 

projects in the area. Businesses can gain customers’ trust and loyalty by showing that they care about doing the right thing.

What Consumers Want from Their Private Label Bottled Water

Staying ahead in the private label bottled water market requires understanding consumer preferences for packaging, hydration options, sustainability, and more. By keeping these top trends in mind and adapting to changing consumer demands, companies can continue to thrive in this competitive market.

So make sure to take note of these trends and use them as a guide to offer the best private label bottled water options for your customers. Happy hydrating!

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