Top 3 Seriale Turcesti Subtitrat in Romana 2023

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When it comes to getting to know Istanbul, naturally, there is traditional tourism. But there is a new wave of incipient tourism related to local television productions. Now seriale turcesti are hitting all over the world and doing so very strongly. What is so special about these seriale turcesti to cause this world-class furor? Its format is different from the classic and well-known Latin American dramas since the episodes last much longer than those of their South American cousins. The topics they deal with are classic ones with a fundamental difference: the contrast between tradition and modernity , typical of Turkish culture.


And there is one last fundamental differential fact related to spaces. While traditional dramas suffer from excessive use of sets, Seriale Turcesti propose real settings as a backdrop , making Turkey itself another protagonist within the plot . This last point, which provides realism and depth to the stories, in turn exerts a powerful attraction on the fans of these productions given the beauty of the settings.

Seriale Turcesti Subtitrat in Romana

Seriale turcesti are increasingly popular in Romania and other countires as well due to their story, Romance Thrill and Culture. People love to watch their favourite tv shows if the production is recent or if these seriale turcesti recorded more than a decade ago and it does not matter if some have more than one hundred Episodul.

For some time now, television networks such as Telemundo, Pasiones, Telenovelas, Antena 3, TV Azteca and even Netflix, among others, have bought the broadcast rights to some soap operas and that is why they have become very popular. Here we will share with you Popular seriale turceti subtitrat in romana which get huge fans in Romania due to their unique story.

Top 3 Seriale Turcesti Subtitrat in Romana

Erkenci Kuş – Pasarea matinala

Either you understand Turkish language or not, you would love to watch this Turkish comedy TV series. However, it is a better idea to watch this show with subtitrat in romana also. The story of Bird Dreamer revolves around a Sanem girl who has two options to get married or have a suitable job. Although her dream is to become a writer, her parents do not trust her abilities. All in all, it is a charming romantic TV series with a touch of comedy.

Ya Cok Seversen:

The TV series Ya Çok Seversen, starring Kerem Bürsin and Hafsanur Sancaktutan, attracts attention with its different plot and cast. Returning to Istanbul, Ateş’s life changes completely when he meets the fake bride Leyla. Episode of Ya Çok Seversen can be watched live on Thursday at 20.00 on Kanal D.

Story of Ya cok Seversen:

Ateş, who spent his life abroad, lives in a house he left years ago due to the death of his father Istanbul. He crosses paths with Leyla, a fake bride who is committing fraud to find her family. The lair between them snow Despite the irresistible attraction, they part with a slap from Leyla. While Ateş was making plans to return as soon as the will was announced, the unexpected happened. His father made a surprise not only for him but for the whole family. Ateş rejects the will at the risk of being banned from inheriting, but a secret he learns about the past changes his decision. Meanwhile, Leyla returns to the hotel because she lost the necklace inherited from her family and is caught by the angry groom. While escaping, She gets into a car that she does not know where she is going. Ateş and Leyla’s paths will cross again. Both of them are unaware that their lives will change completely. If you are living in Romania Terasa cu carti will be share with you all the latest episodul freely on Terasa cu carti blog. You will be love to watch this show which has different ways to shows love, Romance with leyla.

Yali Capkini –  Pescarusul

seriale turcesti Yali Capkini –  Pescarusul sezonul 2 Subtitrat in Romana appeared before the audience with its new season. The series, which turned the rating rankings upside down with the first season and received wide coverage on every social media, kept millions glued to the screen in the new season.

What happened in the new season of Yali Çapkini? Here are those details… After Ferit was shot, he was brought to Istanbul urgently. While Seyran does not leave Ferit’s side, everyone, especially Gülgün, is very angry with Seyran. The surgery Ferit will undergo is also risky. Suna, on the other hand, escaped from Saffet Agha’s house during that fight and is with Seyran and supporting her. By meeting with Saffet and Halis Agha , Hatice prevents further chaos and ensures that the Saffet Agha issue is closed. While Ferit and Seyran’s love knows no obstacles, KazımIt also becomes advantageous and takes advantage of this position. Companionship; He is forced to support Seyran and Ferit’s relationship. While Seyran and Ferit are happy to meet each other, they get married again. After all that happened, Halis Ağa calls his daughter Nükhet and his grandson Kaya to Istanbul.

The series, which will be about the events that took place when a powerful family from Antep married their irresponsible son, is about the events of a girl who came to Istanbul as a bride by marrying a young man unknown to the family, even though she was the daughter of an important family in Antep.

CAST: Afra Saraçoğlu, Mert Ramazan Demir, Çetin Tekindor, Şerif Sezer, Gülçin Şantırcıoğlu, Diren Polatoğulları, Emre Altuğ, Gözde Kansu, Binnur Kaya, Tarık Emir Tekin, Ersin Arıcı, Beril Pozam, Cemre Gümeli, İrem Altuğ, Öznur Serçeler, Hülya Duyar, Sezin Bozacı, Yiğit Tuncay.

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