This spicy Dune deal gets you 17 books for just $18

After his death in 1986, management of Frank Herbert’s Dune universe passed to his son Brian, who to this day continues to publish novels delving into the history and lore of his father’s epic science fiction universe. If you watch encore Dune: part two has given you the urge to learn more about the Dune universe, Humble is currently offering a collection of 16 novels written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson that explore the houses, events, and other key players that shaped the Dune universe for just $18. In addition to this extensive library of fiction, you’ll also receive a copy of Frank Herbert’s biography, Dreamer of Dunewritten by Brian.

This collection contains a total of several trilogies that tie into the larger Dune fiction. For example, The prelude to Dune trilogy explores the rise of the Great Houses, while you can learn about the enigmatic Guild Navigators of Bene Gesserit Sisterhood in The great schools of Dune. The capstone of this volume, The road to Dune, is an eclectic compilation of pieces that inspired Frank Herbert’s Dune, missing chapters from Dune and Dune Messiah as well as a handful of short stories. If you’ve already read Frank Herbert’s original Dune trilogy and want more, the Dune Universe Collection is your best option.

As with any Humble Bundle, a portion of each sale benefits a nonprofit organization, in this case The Global FoodBanking Network. However, you can always change how much of your purchase goes to the publisher, charity and to Humble by using the ‘Customize donation’ menu before checkout.