This N64 controller mod kit makes it wireless, compatible with Switch

If you have an old Nintendo 64 controller, 8BitDo’s new mod kit can make it wireless And compatible with Switch and Android. Neat! The $39.99 kit comes with three parts: a mod kit that replaces the controller’s stock board, a joystick with a longer-lasting hall effect to replace the stock stick in the N64 controller, and a rumble pack that also doubles as a rechargeable battery (smartly, it plugs into the rear rumble pack spot of the N64 controller). You can pre-order all three for $39.99, and they will ship on June 17. The offer is quite limited, with only a few hundred copies available.

8BitDo also sells just the mod kit and rumble pack for $29.99, or the hall effect joystick itself for $19.99.

This will probably be tempting to a lot of people, partly because you don’t have to worry about racing to buy one anymore Nintendo’s $49.99 wireless N64 controllers which are almost always out of stock (and exclusive to Switch Online subscribers). It’s also just a cool way to do more with your existing hardware, by upgrading it with components that will last for many years to come.

While your controller is getting some new capabilities, unfortunately you won’t be able to use it with your N64 again unless you put all the old components back in. Taking out the old board also pulls out the cable, but don’t worry about a big hole at the top; 8BitDo includes an insert to plug it in.

This kit looks best on gray N64 controllers, as that’s the only color the company produces for its rumble pack. Perhaps, if this is popular, 8BitDo can release more colors in the future (fingers crossed for atomic purple).