This little box from Samsung can hold 2TB of a special kind of RAM worth tens of thousands of dollars – CXL Memory Module Box is being hailed as the future of extended server memory in the age of AI

At MemCon 2024, Samsung showcased its latest HBM3E technology, talked about its future HBM4 plans and unveiled the CXL Memory Module Box, also known as CMM-B, the latest addition to its Compute Express Link (CXL) memory module portfolio.

CMM-B is essentially a memory pooling device for rack computing using CXL. It supports disaggregated memory allocation, which allows the memory capacity available in remote locations to be shared across multiple servers. As a result, CMM-B enables independent allocation of resources in the rack cluster and larger memory pools can be allocated if necessary. With a bandwidth of up to 60 GB/s, CMM-B is ideal for applications such as AI, in-memory databases and data analysis, according to Samsung.