This is not a stunning photo of planet earth, can YOU work out what it really is?

Out of this world! This is not a stunning picture of planet earth… keep looking, can YOU find out what it really is?

While the photo looks like a picture of Earth that you may not have seen before, something isn’t quite right… and you may be wondering if the image below is real.

The mind-boggling optical illusion has gone viral again, and it could have been created by aliens, who faxed this image to show us they’re coming soon.

Either way, the photo will challenge your thought process and keep you staring at it for ages.

But if you take your time, the real picture should become clear.

So, is this a view of Earth from space that you’ve never seen before?

The mind-boggling optical illusion could have been taken by aliens. It will certainly challenge your thought process and you will stare at it for ages

The photo has left netizens perplexed for its uncanny resemblance to the view of Earth from space.

The optical illusion has gone viral on social media again, after originally being shared years ago for how it challenged people’s observational skills and situational awareness.

At first glance, the stunning image appears to depict what appears to be a view of Earth from above, where few have been lucky enough to go.

And it certainly looks chilly up there as clouds cover the planet and the sun’s rays shine brightly.

While this is an incredible photo, we have to admit that we’ve never shared this image from NASA or the International Space Station.

So, could it be a recent photo?

Well, actually there is much more than meets the eye.

Give yourself another chance and some time to take a closer look at the fascinating photo, as it will give you a little more clarity.

And if you’re still confused, we’ll tell you.

This isn’t a picture of our planet at all…so what exactly is it?

The photo is actually the deposition of frost on the roof of a car in the morning.

The angle at which it was taken and the blue color of the paint on the car make it look like Earth.

And the frost gives the appearance of clouds when viewed from space.

Another similar image of

Another similar image of “space” made on a smartphone is making the rounds on social media again

A similar photo was recently unearthed on Reddit, which also shows a “photo of Mother Earth from space” taken with a smartphone.

This snap left social media users amused, with one saying, “Seriously, finally something clever.”

And another said, “You fooled me, Mr. Wizard.”

While a third person wrote: ‘I actually believed that for a moment, then: blows a minute…’

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