This compact, powerful portable battery costs just $35 for Amazon Prime members

It’s hard to find a portable battery that has some speed in terms of wattage, but isn’t too big. We found one on Amazon that meets these criteria, and thankfully it doesn’t cost that much. Zendure’s 10,000mAh SuperMini This battery normally costs $49.99, but Amazon Prime members can currently buy one in silver for just one $34.99.

This 10,000mAh power bank features a pair of USB-A ports (one with 18W output and another with 15W output) and a single USB-C port that can charge a device at 45W, which it also happens to have the same wattage as supplied by the official Steam Deck charger. The battery can be charged through this port at the same speed if you have a fast enough wall charger. To monitor the battery charge, the handy LED displays the current charge level.

Weighing 200 grams and just a centimeter thick, this power bank may seem a bit chunky at first glance, but it’s a great alternative to higher capacity options that can weigh at least three times as much.