Things You Don’t Know About Retro Cars

Retro cars are shooting up in value thanks to a skyrocketing demand driven by the unique experiences and benefits they offer to owners. Learn why retro cars have become so popular and how you can join the bandwagon, as well as how ABB is the best platform to find your dream retro car.

Retro cars are symbolic of the era they were built in. The massive ‘land yachts’ manufactured by the likes of Lincoln and Cadillac in the early 1980s represent the bygone era of peak American luxury. Efficient and nimble Japanese sports cars from the 1990s dominated the decade, indicating the maturity of the Japanese automobile industry. Luckily, just about any kind of retro car can be found at A Better Bid auction in NYC. Let’s learn everything there is to know about retro cars, so you can make an informed decision when bidding online with ABB.

Why are Retro Cars Exciting?

For a start, one can trace technological development and advancements of retro cars by following the systems and features installed in them. Broader shifts in societal culture are also reflected within car design. A retro car is more than just a car; it is history on wheels. 

 It is no wonder countless people are passionate about retro wheels. And if you are here reading this article, chances are you have your share of favorite classic cars, too! Here are some things you possibly don’t know about buying and owning a retro car. These fun facts will help you understand why people purchase old automobiles.

What Exactly is a Retro Car?

“Retro car” is a very particular term in the automobile world. It specifically refers to automobiles over 20 years old, but not more than 45 years old, in which case, they would become “antique” cars. There is even a third category: “vintage” cars (from the pre-War era). 

Nonetheless, retro cars hail from the late-80s to the early 2000s. Although it is not a relatively long period, there are plenty of exciting vehicles that qualify as “retro.” Plus, since they only recently attained the status of a collectible, “retro” cars also tend to be less expensive than their vintage or antique counterparts since they have not had a long time to appreciate in value.

Five Fun Facts About Retro Cars

Although they have only recently become sought-after, retro cars have become all the rage among buyers. Many people are only now coming to appreciate the genius, power, and beauty of cars they, until recently, did not think of as old.

One might wonder what is fueling this trend, but sometimes the answer is more straightforward than it seems. The benefits of owning a retro car are simply very attractive. Check out these five reasons retro cars are seeing a resurgence in popularity and why you should consider getting one.

They’re Gorgeous!

Retro cars are stunning to look at. Nowadays, with economies of scale, regulations, and global standardization, just about every average car from every manufacturer looks the same. One struggles to tell an American crossover apart from a Korean one. Back in the day, each brand had its own distinctive identity, which in itself was undergirded by local conditions in their home countries.

Swedish Saabs and Volvos, like the famous Volvo 200 Series station wagon, developed a reputation for their quirky design and features because they were engineered to withstand brutal Scandinavian winters. Italian car makers prioritized the development of good-looking exotics, like the Maserati Biturbo Spyder, perfect for winding on curvy Mediterranean coastal roads. There was more diversity in automotive design language than there is today. 

Similarly, many older cars have details and ornamentations contemporary cars lack. For instance, many retro cars have digital dashboards that are a nostalgia trip of ‘80s tech. So whether someone likes the muscular but elegant look of German luxury cars from the 1980s or the compact design of Japanese tuners from the 1990s, everyone can find a retro car that appeals to their automotive taste buds. 

They’re Incredibly Fun! 

If you are not the kind of person who cares about how a car looks, you are likely someone who cares about how they drive. Lucky for you, retro cars are arguably the best cars for drivers. Most cars come with automatic transmissions, electronic steering, and cruise control by default today, which detaches drivers from the gears and technology that connects them to the machine. 

By contrast, retro cars are pure machines. When a person sits in the driver’s seat, the car’s ability is entirely in their control, and their skills determine its potential. As a result, many people report having a more visceral and pure experience driving retro cars than tech-laden contemporary e-cars. Different retro cars are handled differently, so everyone can find a car that suits their driving style preference.

They’re Contemporary and Familiar

An additional advantage of retro cars vis-à-vis antique and vintage cars is that they are sufficiently new to having many features and creature comforts you would be familiar with in contemporary cars. Basic features, such as functional air conditioning, can be a rare luxury among cars built before the 1980s. Moreover, retro cars also tend to be safer than older cars, with airbags and seatbelts. Thus, drivers can enjoy the thrills of a raw driving experience without compromising comfort and safety. 

They are a Great Daily Driver

Because they have many of the safety and comfort features a buyer would want in a contemporary car, retro cars are perfect for everyday use. Plus, thanks to their unique styles, retro cars can stand out from a row of lookalike SUVs and sedans. In fact, many people purchase their dream retro car from their childhoods for regular use once they have the money to afford them.

They are a Great Investment!

A retro car is not just about looks and driving abilities, but also an excellent investment opportunity. Due to the joys of owning and driving a retro car, and the fact that fewer of them are drivable with each passing year, their valuations are skyrocketing. Moreover, since they are relatively new, buyers have a higher chance of discovering one with low mileage.

Looking for Affordable Deals on Retro Cars?

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Wrapping Up

So now you have every reason to buy a retro car this year. Besides its looks, you will be able to secure your investment in a rapidly appreciating asset. With a reliable retro car dealer like ABB, owning a retro car could be the most exciting thing to happen to you all year!