Therapist's phenomenal mindset hack will make you stop thinking in seconds: 'Everything became silent'

A therapist has shared an 'instant' hack to stop his clients from overthinking – and it works for almost everyone.

Mindset coach Paul Sheppard revealed one of the most 'brilliant' and 'bizarre' mindset tricks he's ever experienced – and it involves asking an easy question.

He suggests going to a “safe place” and closing your eyes, breathing deeply into your stomach and exhaling slowly through your mouth.

“Release all tension around your face, body and jaw,” he advised in a video. “And then turn your attention to your thoughts.”

'Then mentally ask yourself this one question: “I wonder what my next thought will be?” and then watch what happens.”

Mindset coach Paul Sheppard revealed one of the most 'brilliant' and 'bizarre' mindset tricks he'd ever experienced

How to clear your head immediately

  1. Go to a safe place and close your eyes
  2. Take a deep breath into your stomach
  3. Exhale slowly through your mouth
  4. Let the tension disappear from your face, body and jaw
  5. Focus your attention on your thoughts
  6. Ask yourself: I wonder what my next thought will be?

Source: Paul Sheppard mindset coach

The life coach revealed that asking yourself what your next thought is clears your head and prevents you from falling into a spiral of overthinking.

Wellbeing influencer Karen Allen was similarly impressed with the trick.

“When I first did this, I didn't know what to expect,” she said in a post. “My mental chatter is non-stop. But as soon as I noticed what had happened, I was shocked!'

Thousands who tried the trick were amazed at how simple it was.

'A blank screen. What? Nothing? I don't think about anything? I'm always thinking about at least eight things at the same time, where have they gone?' people wondered out loud.

'This has made me very emotional in a good way. It was on my mind non-stop for years…until now. Thank you,” one woman wrote.

A third added: “First time ever I've been able to stop my thoughts.”

'I became fixated on what my next thought would be… and nothing came, no matter how hard I tried to think. I will try this next time when I can't sleep due to anxiety,” one man shared.

But not everyone was so lucky with the trick.

'I'm so jealous of the people who say they had no thoughts. I asked myself that question a few times and then a mash-up emerged with that question and a Rihanna song. Apparently this doesn't work for people with ADHD,” one man said.

'At first I found myself super curious, like 'oh, what's it going to be?!' – and then I saw the gif of Michael Jackson eating popcorn as I kept asking myself the question. It was like having a brain full of squirrels. As always!' a woman shared