The year so far in Android phones: the best launches and what’s coming next

If you love Android phones, 2023 is turning out to be a very good year. We’ve rounded up the biggest news from the year so far, including the most important phone launches and mobile platform rumors, as well as our predictions of what’s to come. We’ve already seen new phones that top our best phones list, some of the best camera phones ever, and the best foldable phones we’ve ever reviewed. 

Android is all about flexibility and trying out new innovations before anyone else. We haven’t seen a lot of incredible new tech this year, but some Android innovations like foldable displays and high-end phone cameras are finally reaching maturity and evolving into devices worth buying.

Sadly for our US readers, some of the most advanced Android camera phones aren’t being sold in the States, as the Chinese phone makers shy away from the American market. We’re still covering all the new sensor and lens innovations.

Closeup Huawei P60 Pro camera bump

You like that Huawei P60 Pro, American? Well you can’t have one (Image credit: Future)

Thankfully, the new generation of foldable phones like the Google Pixel Fold and Motorola Razr Plus are not only available in the US, you can even get one from a wireless carrier for a great deal on one of these pricey handsets.