The Venture Bros. movie is finally happening — watch a clip here

The Venture Bros. finally gets its long-awaited (and long-deserved) movie. The first clip from the movie The Venture Bros.: Radiant is the blood of the baboon heart, was released on Wednesday, giving us an idea of ​​the storyline for what is supposedly the Ventures’ last adventure ever.

Radiant is the blood tells the story of the Venture family hunting down Hank after he suddenly goes missing. The pre-clip shows Brock leading a special forces team, commanded by General Hunter Gathers, in a pre-dawn raid where they may or may not find Hank’s body behind a dumpster.

The rest of the movie will take a long time Venture Bros. favorites like The Monarch, The Guild and more from the series’ incredible array of side characters.

The Venture Bros.” the first season began in 2004 and the series has continued on and off since then, with the seventh and final season due out in 2018. Series creator Jackson Publick announced in 2020 that the series had been canceled, but in 2021 he got the green light to close the story with this film.

The Venture Bros.: Radiant is the blood of the baboon heart is scheduled for release later this year.