The Spotify Supremium leak reveals what the new tier and some features may look like at launch

Screenshots have surfaced online of what may be the user interface for Spotify’s highly anticipated Supremium tier. Or should we say: ‘Improved listening’? This is apparently the new name for the level according to user OhItsTom, who posted seven images of the possible update on Reddit. They show what the new layer could look like on desktop and mobile devices. What’s interesting about the images is that they show some of the tools and text windows that may be present in the final product.

Based on the four smartphone photos, the hi-res audio feature will be known as Spotify Lossless. This set consists of an introductory manual that explains how the whole thing works. It says subscribers can wirelessly stream music files “in up to 24-bit” via Spotify Connect on a compatible device. A Lossless label will apparently light up to let you know when you’re streaming in the higher format. Spotify gives users “pro tips” and a troubleshooting tool in case they don’t receive lossless audio. The last screenshot shows that you can adjust the quality of the song ‘and Downloads in Settings’.

(Image credit: Future)

Spotify Lossless on desktop