The Rock is coming back to Fast and Furious with another spinoff movie

We’ve known for a while that Luke Hobbs was back in the Fast Family, at least since the release of Fast Xbut it turns out he’s even deeper in it than we thought. Dwayne Johnson announced this on Twitter that he’s returning to the franchise for its second Hobbs spin-off movie. While there’s no release date yet, the movie could be released as early as 2024.

According to Johnson, the spin-off film aims to bridge the gap between Fast X And Fast X: part two by showing where Hobbs has been over the years and what led him to the point where Dante (Jason Momoa) lured him in Fast X‘s post-credits scene.

Johnson’s last Fast and Furious movie was The fate of the furious, but he’s had an ongoing feud with Vin Diesel ever since, at least as far as anyone knew. In the same tweet announcing the new movie, Johnson also announced that apparently he and Diesel have been squashing the flesh between them and that it’s all “behind” them since sometime last summer.

All of this certainly helps explain why The Rock appeared in the post-credits scene of Fast X, and why a standalone Hobbs movie makes sense. This will be the second Fast and Furious spin-off movie after 2018 Hobbs & Shawstarring Johnson as Hobbs and Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw.

Because this movie is a bridge between Fast X And Fast X: part two, it looks like this will be the next Fast and Furious movie we see in theaters. As for when that means the movie will be out, a 2024 release date seems likely as it seems Fast X: part two won’t arrive until sometime in 2025.