The Percy Jackson trailer is full of gods, monsters, and Lin-Manuel Miranda

As each day passes, Percy Jackson fans inch closer to sweet, sweet revenge – and the latest Percy Jackson and the Olympians trailer is another milestone on the path to justice.

I’m of course talking about the long-awaited Disney Plus show, which gives the series a chance to reinvent itself after the disastrous 2011 film. This time the characters are the right age And author Rick Riordan is closely involved. If the previous clips and trailers (which still scream about that “Riptide” needle in the last trailer, by the way) are anything to go by, the Percy Jackson TV show is going to be great.

The latest glimpse into the series shows more of the world, but also focuses on the partnership between Percy and his two most trusted allies: Annabeth, the wise daughter of Athena, and Grover, the courageous satyr. We also see some of the gods themselves, including Lin-Manuel Miranda in what appears to be the Lotus Hotel and Casino.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians was announced in May 2020, with a small teaser that premiered on D23 last year. The cast includes The Adam Project‘s Walker Scolbell as Percy, with rich‘s Leah Sava Jeffries and Turn’‘s Aryan Simhadri as Annabeth and Grover. The adult cast includes Jason Mantzoukas as Dionysus, Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hermes, Toby Stephens as Poseidon and the late Lance Reddick as Zeus. The first two episodes of the show dropped on Disney Plus on December 20, with new episodes released weekly.