The new Apple hardware can still play like a gaming PC with NVIDIA GeForce NOW


Apple is close to a big launch of new products, starting with the anticipated arrival of the iPhone 14 lineup in September and followed by many more devices to come throughout the remainder of the year. While the hardware and software on Apple’s newest devices are consistently impeccable, they can leave you wondering how you’re supposed to keep up with the latest games, which tend to hit PCs and consoles well before landing on Apple’s ecosystem – if they ever make the leap. NVIDIA has the simple solution with GeForce NOW. 

Whether you’re playing on a desktop Mac, MacBook, iPad, or iPhone, you can enjoy a robust PC gaming experience through NVIDIA GeForce NOW. You don’t need to do any tricky sideloading of apps. You won’t have to figure out how to install Windows on your MacBook. And you certainly won’t have to try fighting driver incompatibilities to trick your system into supporting graphics cards it was never meant to support.