The internet is full of weird and wonderful Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer remixes

It's been three weeks since Rockstar Games played Santa Claus by showing everyone for the first time Grand Theft Auto6 ahead of the vague release date of 2025. In that time, thirsty fans have viewed the record-setting trailer more than 160 million times, which was apparently more than enough research to remake the video in virtually every game, style, and format under the sun.

Let's start with a few no-brainers: Grand Theft Auto6 recreated in the previous one Grand Theft Auto games.

RavenwestR1 used several mods to replicate every key scene from the trailer Grand Theft Auto 5. I especially enjoy Michael Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips making cameos as random residents of Vice City.

What if Grand Theft Auto6 took place in Liberty City and played Grand Theft Auto 4 main character Niko Bellic? It could look something like this:

And finally, someone reimagined it Grand Theft Auto6 as my personal favorite game in the series, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto sister series Red Dead Redemption 2 I joined in the fun too, but I couldn't pick a favorite.

At its peak was the Saints row series was Grand Theft Auto's most popular and successful competitor, so on some level it only makes sense to the Grand Theft Auto6 use a trailer Saints row 2.

From there the possibilities are endless. Fortnite? Certainly!

Minecraft? Why not!

The Sims4? Okay!

Garry's Mod? It's an older meme, but it's true.

Perhaps the most impressive thing, however Grand Theft Auto6 made in real Lego, stop-motion style.

Because I'm old, I'm also in favor of people who transport Grand Theft Auto6 back in time with, for example, graphics modeled after the original PlayStation…

…playing the trailer through an early 2000s CRT television…

…and imagining a retro-futuristic world where the far-away game was somehow released in 1956.

And finally, I can't help but shout out this all-stock trailer that creator Simply said was “surprisingly simple.”

It's funny how recognizable the Grand Theft Auto6 the format and rhythm of reveal has made its way online despite the relatively short time it has been around, but I think this is just a testament to how fast the internet moves these days. And besides, at least a whole new generation is learning to appreciate Tom Petty's music, which is always a win in my eyes.