The fool-proof way to know if your partner is ‘the one’

An academic and philosopher has told us that the surefire sign that you've found “your” person is when your romantic partner is also your best friend.

Julian De Medeiros, from Britain, said that being in love with your best friend “makes everything more fun.”

He referred to a quote from the English writer Samuel Richardson: “True love is the highest form of friendship, for it lessens your sorrow and doubles your pleasure.”

'EWhat he essentially meant was that once you find your person, you never have to be alone again,” Julian said in a video.

Many argue that traditional hallmarks of romantic love, such as sex, mean little without also having a connection where you simply enjoy spending time with the other person.

Julian De Medeiros, from Britain, said being in love with your best friend 'makes everything more fun'

Julian said: 'All the little things, like staying home and watching a movie or going for a walk, suddenly become something you want to do every day. You don't have to be anywhere else or with anyone else.'

People shared their thoughts about romantic love and friendship on Reddit and made distinctions.

“The best romantic partner is someone who is your best friend first and foremost. You can't spend all your time having sex, and you can only stare into each other's eyes so many stupid things in a day before you have to eat, sleep, or work.

'What you really need is someone with whom you can have varied conversations, with whom you can sit comfortably in silence, who you trust will be there for you when life doesn't go as you planned, who will expect him to be there for you. in the same way.

“The main difference is that the commitment you make to a romantic partner is different than to a friendship. Most people don't share bank accounts, tax bills, buy houses, have children, or retire with their close friends.

“We tend to gravitate toward working together because there's comfort and security in knowing that at least one other person has your full backing,” one woman said.

Some disagreed with the philosophy.

“I'm 'in love' with my best friend, but we're not romantically interested in each other at all. She is my platonic soulmate and I think that's even better,” one woman said.

“My person is my daughter,” said one mother.

'What if I like being alone? I wonder why the world thinks everyone is the same,” one man wrote.