The Fairphone 4 comes to the US – but it’s not running the Android you know

The Fairphone 4 is going on sale in the US, Fairphone announced, but it won’t be running the same Google Play-enabled Android like you’ll find on the best Android phones. It’ll be powered by /e/OS, a secure mobile operating system based on Android but without any Google software, developed by a company called Murena.

 “We are excited to bring high-quality sustainable phones with advanced privacy features to the USA,” Gaël Duval, Murena CEO and /e/OS founder said in a press release. “With the inclusion of our pro-privacy operating system /e/OS, we are proud to offer users a device that not only lasts longer but also protects people’s personal data. At Murena, we are convinced that this is the perfect combination for a more ethical phone.”