The Dead Space remake has an amazing feature I won’t be using


If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that Empty space remake will be full of blood, guts and gore just like the original game. But thankfully, Electronic Arts has added an extra feature that will help the faint of heart find their way to Isaac’s research friend, Nicole, without losing eight of their nine lives.

Before you even step foot in the USG Ishimura, you’ll get a content warning that reads: “Empty space features explicit violence, including explicit depictions of dismemberment, impalement, gore, gore, vomiting, and death. Gameplay and movie scenes depict numerous traumatic events and depict harmful behaviors related to mental health. Topics include self-harm and suicidal ideation, the death of colleagues and relatives, claustrophobia, psychosis, visual/auditory delusions, and obsessive behavior.”

This warning isn’t the only effort EA has made to help players through all the messy situations. There’s an in-game switch that warns you before horribly disfigured necromorphs jump onto your screen or if there’s a disturbing scene of self-harm.

Isaac is pinned down by an enemy

(Image credit: EA)

If that’s not enough for you, EA has gone even further and added a second toggle that exists to hide disturbing incidents. By turning this on, you will no longer see the mutated monsters, as they will become blurred. Isaac Clarke’s death animations will also not be visible, replaced by a black screen. This is perhaps for the best, given how confused some of them are. No one likes to see a knife slice through someone’s ribcage or see a tentacle burrow into the back of someone’s head and burst through their mouth.