The Chrome report reveals which extension could slow down your browser the most

Chrome extensions are a great way to improve your web browsing, but some of them can slow down your browser. The development team behind DebugBear, a web page optimization service, analyzed 5,000 extensions to see how they affected Google Chrome. According to their findings, some websites can cause longer loading times on websites, although this depends on the way data is processed. Certain are better than others.

DebugBear states that extensions that process data “before a page has been rendered will have a much greater impact on the user experience.” VPNs seem to be among the worst at this, with some causing a full second of lag. It makes sense why load times would be particularly bad with a VPN, as they ‘route traffic through an intermediate server’. Other extensions that can cause long loading times include Trancy AI Subtitles and Klarna Pay Later.