The Chase Bank App is DISABLED: Thousands of Americans report difficulty accessing online banking

  • Americans across the US are reporting they can’t log into the Chase Bank app or website
  • The outage started at 1:30 PM EST, causing people to log out of their accounts

Chase Bank’s app and website are experiencing an outage that will impact thousands of Americans on Wednesday.

DownDetector, a website that monitors online problems, reported problems around 2:00 PM ET. Chase has acknowledged the outage and is working on a fix.

Users cited problems logging in and accessing their balances and transactions.

The bank’s website states that the site is ‘currently not working’ and when logging into the app, customers receive the message: ‘You are being logged out safely.’

Chase users are having trouble accessing their online accounts

According to Downdetector.comusers first complained that they could not access their money and personal information on the site.

One person commented on Downdetector that the outage left them unable to pay their car loan, and others said customer service was unhelpful and acted as if nothing was wrong.

The complaints have come in from across the country, with people from California, Florida and New Jersey reporting that they were still unable to log into their accounts as of 4:30 PM EST.

When attempting to log into the Chase app, users are automatically told to “sign out securely” within seconds of entering a password.

Chase Bank released a statement telling customers, “We are currently working to restore all services on and the Chase Mobile app. Thanks for your patience.’

Problem reports submitted to DownDetector show that 64 percent of users cannot log into the mobile app, 24 percent say it is the website and 12 percent cannot access balances and transactions.