The best Tours in Casablanca

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The best Tours in Casablanca 2

Casablanca is called the most European city in Africa. If you are going to Morocco Tours, we recommend you to choose Casablanca. The city is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, 70 kilometers from the capital. Here you can spend a great time in a luxury hotel, admire the skyscrapers, sunbathe on golden beaches, swim in the very real ocean, go on excursions in Casablanca! It is suitable for tourists who love the bustle of the city, enjoy the endless movement and can’t imagine life without a drive. If you are one of these travelers, Casablanca is undoubtedly your city!

Despite the fact that it is located in a Muslim country with strict rules and specific traditions, Casablanca is more like Europe. Here you can see short skirts and ripped jeans, and women with open faces in heels and sunglasses. It’s a city of opportunity and skyscrapers, attracting businessmen and tourists. Despite the fact that it is an ultramodern and advanced city with a lot of entertainment and entertainment venues, there is an ancient crooked streets and the national market with a special color, and the ancient palace of the Pasha. For our compatriots we offer tours in Casablanca, so you definitely will not get bored.

Where to buy excursions in Casablanca

Going to spend your vacation in an unfamiliar country, get acquainted with its features in advance. Many tourists think that, knowing English, you can safely go to any country in the world. But, for example, in Casablanca the locals mostly speak French, as well as in the whole of Morocco. Stock up before a trip and learn a few common phrases in le français. In an unfamiliar country, and even without an excellent knowledge of the language, if you want to book tours in Casablanca on the spot, there is a high probability of a language barrier. And about the quality of local travel agencies is difficult to say something unambiguous.

If you’re going to look at the local attractions, it is better to buy tours in Casablanca in advance, while still at home. You can choose and book a program on the best tour portal – Tours in Marocco. To see the proposals of local guides, follow this link. The site cooperates with the best ingles-speaking guides, who are carefully selected by the site administrators, and then jointly develop programs that will be of interest to our compatriots.

Tour prices in Casablanca

Planning your vacation, you need to consider all the costs. If you go from a travel agency, accommodation and meals may already be included in the cost of the tour. You also need to figure out how much money to take for entertainment, sightseeing, restaurants, and possibly shopping. Practice shows that the excursions and the purchase of souvenirs takes about a third of the vacation budget. It should be noted that the cost of excursions in Casablanca is quite democratic, in addition, on the site Sahara Morocco Tours you can find promotional offers with a discount.

In order to roughly orient you, how much do Viajes a Marruecos, we have selected the cheapest and most expensive program from those posted on the site. For example, the most budget tour is called “This unusual Casablanca” and costs 48 euros per person. You can walk through all the markets of the city and try the national cuisine. The most expensive four-hour tour “Casablanca Beauty: photo walk” will cost 126 euros per person. You will learn about the history of the city and its main attractions, and at the end get a selection of professional photos from the guide!

Casablanca sightseeing tours

To get acquainted with Casablanca, take a sightseeing tour. In a few hours you can see the sights, listen to interesting stories, learn the history of the city, which for several years has turned into a city of offices and skyscrapers. We recommend to go for a walk in comfortable shoes and with a good mood. Find a full list of sightseeing programs here, and we’ll recommend the most popular options.

The beauty of this tour from a local guide is that you don’t need to take your camera and free up space on your smartphone memory card. During the tour, a professional will take colorful and bright pictures in the best urban scenery, at the end you get them absolutely free! Excursions in Casablanca conducted for 1-3 people, the duration of about 4 hours, it is not recommended to take children on the walk. You will see the old part of the Medina, around which the modern city was built. You will walk through the central market, walk through the French streets of the modern city. Take a break for lunch in a small cozy restaurant, taste oysters from the chef and feel the spirit of this unusual city.

Unusual excursions in Casablanca

If you want to see the colorful sites of the mysterious city, search this link. Quite creative programs include not only the traditional sightseeing, but something out of the ordinary. Walking around the city with a local guide is an opportunity to get into hidden corners, where, as a rule, the foot of the tourist does not set foot.

For example, this unusual program on the local markets! Accompanied by a local resident, you will walk through the most famous markets, make a pleasant shopping and try the local treats: oriental sweets, Moroccan tea. You can inexpensively buy jewelry, interior elements, paintings, carpets and much more. The guide will tell you how to detect a fake and reduce the price, because, as in all Eastern countries, here love and know how to haggle. If you want to bring souvenirs made of silk, ceramics, leather, this is a great opportunity to find something cool. The tour lasts for 4 hours, you can take your children, they will also be interested.

Excursions from Casablanca Morocco

In addition to the city markets, squares and mosques, you can also see the surrounding area. They are no less interesting. Fascinating excursions from Casablanca can be found at this link. Outbound one-day tours give you the opportunity to see the outskirts of the city, escape from the hustle and bustle, enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Accompanied by a local guide, you will leave the large port city and go to the Flamenco lagoon. The cozy town of Oualidia is 190km from Casablanca. On the way you will see the old residence of Mohammed the fifth, a fortress built in 1634 by order of the Sultan Saadian El Oualid, go boating along the shores of a cozy bay, see the beautiful blue sea and beautiful landscapes which are absent in the noisy and bustling city. After the walk, visit a secret oyster farm, which only locals know about, and you can taste the freshest oysters with lemon juice.