The best seeds in Lego Fortnite

The best seeds in Lego Fortnite offering everything from rich resources and exploration areas to easy access to early biomes. But if the possibilities are endless – and essentially they are – where do you start?

In our Lego Fortnite guide we will show you the best seeds Lego Fortniteand explain how to start a game on one of those seeds.

What are Lego Fortnite Seeds?

A 'seed' is the method of identifying something specific Lego Fortnite card. There are countless player-generated and created maps, each different from the rest, and that number only continues to grow Lego Fortnite's popularity is growing. Seeds are critical for identifying cards.

When you are in a Lego Fortnite map or realm, you can see the seed by looking directly at the bottom of the screen, where you'll see the seed details in low-opacity text. For example, in the screenshot below, the seed is the set of numbers on the leftwhile your individual location on the specific map is the set of numbers on the right.

Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Additionally, you can manually set a seed combination when you first build your own map. When creating a map from the Lego Fortnite home screen, click the option to “overwrite” the world seed and you can enter any combination of numbers you want, as long as that number has not been previously taken by another user.

How to enter a Lego Fortnite seed

If you want to visit an existing one Lego Fortnite seed, there are a few steps you need to take. We have listed them below:

  1. Access Lego Fortnite's main menu
  2. Press the D-pad up to select a world
  3. Click on “Create a new world”
  4. Click on 'New World Slot' or save an existing world to the list
  5. Click “Override World Seed” under the “Advanced Options” menu.
  6. Enter the seed code

A menu shows a player entering the best seeds in Lego Fortnite.

Image: Epic Games via Polygon

The best seeds in Lego Fortnite

Earlier we mentioned our choices best Lego Fortnite seeds.

It's important to mention here that we rate them based on the resources they provide, and the access they provide to other biomes such as the desert And ice areas early on. It's these factors that really determine which card seeds stand out from the crowd.

If you are specifically looking for caveseach Lego Fortnite the world will always have at least something to offer. However, some hide their caves out of sight, or possibly even further away from the spawn point, meaning you'll have to make a longer trek to reach the caves for some quick resources. Our guide on where to find caves can show you some of the best seeds with caves at the start.

Here are the best seeds Lego Fortnite:

Best seed for beginners: 14191128

A Lego Fortnite character jumps into a field in one of the best seeds in Lego Fortnite.

Image: Epic Games via Polygon

This is a really solid seed to jump into right away if you're looking for a starting area with all the resources you need early on Lego Fortniteincluding wood, granite, berries, pumpkins and more.

Best seed for easy resources: 0942418202

A Lego Fortnite character jumps into a grassy field on a sunny day as he searches for the best seeds.

Image: Epic Games via Polygon

This seed, like discovers by the content creator Sour Blitzz, is a veritable treasure trove of high-speed resources. Not only is there a cave immediately north of the spawn point, which can provide knotroot and other rare resources, but there's also a house even further north, and an entire town to the northeast, both of which have chests for more resources.

Best seed for boxes: 542354756

A Lego Fortnite character finds some chests near a watchtower in one of the best seeds in Lego Fortnite.

Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Here's a nice seed if you're looking for some chests. From the spawn point, follow the map northwest and you will see a watchtower. This tower contains two chests, and from the top floor you can easily see a house a short distance away, which also happens to have two chests.

Best seed for new biomes: 1264970744

A Lego Fortnite character stands on a hill looking down at a valley in one of the best seeds in Lego Fortnite.

Image: Epic Games via Polygon

If exclaimed by Ouranned on YouTube, this seed is great because it contains the desert and ice biomes on either side of the spawn point. Keep this map seed in mind if you need to quickly grab equipment or crafting items that can only spawn in one of the biomes.

Best seed for exploration: 1820364159

A Lego Fortnite character jumps on a sunny day while in one of the best seeds in Lego Fortnite.

Image: Epic Games via Polygon

If captured by 1brecci on TikTok: If you spawn on this map, immediately head west. Once you get across the lake you'll find several ruined buildings ripe for exploration, and if you continue west along the border of the desert biome you'll find a watchtower complete with a chest to loot .