The 10.9-inch iPad is on sale for a fantastic price and arrives in time for Christmas

If you missed the Black Friday deals and the Cyber ​​Monday deals and were therefore unable to get your hands on a great value iPad, then I have good news for you: the The 10th generation iPad retails for $399 at Amazon straight away. In the United Kingdom, Amazon has reduced the iPad to £459. That’s a saving of $50 and £40 respectively.

That’s not the cheapest I’ve seen this iPad fall, but it’s still a good price, especially in the US where the standard iPad is well priced for what it offers in terms of design and performance. The iPad 10.2-inch model, released in 2022, heralded a new design reminiscent of the iPad Air. It gained access to the A14 Bionic chipset, which isn’t the most modern piece of silicon designed by the folks at Cupertino, but it’s more than capable enough for everyday iPad tasks.