Thames Water boss scoops £1.6m in pay despite giving up her bonus

Thames Water boss gets £1.6million in wages despite giving up her bonus amid anger over leaks and sewage spills

No bonus: Sarah Bentley took over at Thames Water three years ago

The Thames Water boss was given a £1.6 million pay package despite giving up her bonus following outrage over the industry’s record of leaks and sewage spills.

Sarah Bentley, who took over at the UK’s largest water company three years ago, said last month she would waive her bonus for the 2022-23 financial year. .

But Thames Water confirmed that the July annual report would show that Bentley was still receiving £1.6 million as her £750,000 base salary was supplemented by £90,000 in pension payments and a further £32,000 in travel, medical and other benefits.

She also received £548,000 in connection with a ‘gold hello’ package of shares and bonuses awarded when Thames snatched her from rival Severn Trent.

Bentley also received a bonus of £178,000 related to the company’s performance during her first two years in charge.

The mammoth pay package drew harsh condemnation from the GMB union, with National Officer Gary Carter labeling Bentley’s announcement that she would not accept a bonus as “nothing more than a lame PR stunt.”