TALKING POINTS: Getting back together with an ex-partner, is it ever a good idea?

TALK POINTS: Getting back together with an ex-partner, is it ever a good idea?

  • Celebrity “breakups and makeup” have sparked some online debate lately
  • But would YOU ever give an ex-partner a second chance? Join the conversation

From Maya Jama and Stormzy blowing up the internet with their beloved holiday snaps, to And Just Like That’s Carrie and Aiden sparking a furious debate with their surprise reconnection, it seems we can’t get enough of celebrities (or beloved fictional characters). ) that flare up again with an old flame.

Judging by the reaction of fans on social media, it’s clear that the topic of getting an ex-partner back is very divisive.

While on the one hand, the hopeless romantics among us may see reuniting with a partner as a sign of love that conquers all, after each partner has “grown” during their time apart.

But on the other hand, those with a more cynical outlook might argue that getting back with an ex is unwise because the breakup probably happened for an important reason (we’re looking at you, Carrie Bradshaw).

Now we want to know what YOU think. Do you have or would you ever take back an ex-partner and how did that go? Share your thoughts and advice in the comments below.

“Carrie has matured a lot, as we saw in AJLT S1, and got used to a quiet domestic life with Big, so I think now she will finally really appreciate Aidan and the life she can have with him,” said one fan on Reddit, referring to the pair’s rekindled romance on And Just Like That…